4 Simple Tips to Make Your Blog Posts Look Better Than Everyone Else’s

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Do you ever wonder why your blog is not getting much traffic? Do you feel like you’re trying to reinvent the wheel and getting nowhere? Starting and maintaining a blog is easy. Building loyal readership is the most difficult part. The possibilities of creating content are endless. Every effort on your blog impacts your audience, from your design to your posts and everything in between. Here are a few simple tips to make your blog posts look better than everyone else’s:

Pay Attention to Details

Blog posts contain several areas that require your attention and care. A lead-generating blog posts should include the following elements:

  • Eye catching title
  • Call to action at the bottom
  • Sidebar calls to action
  • Internal links to landing pages
  • Social sharing buttons/widgets

Make sure you include relevant pictures and videos in your blog post. In addition to text, add infographics, user generated content and funny images that add value to your blog.

Include Great Pictures

Most people scan blog posts and look at pictures before reading the content. If the pictures are small or irrelevant, they are not usually drawn in to read the rest of the post. If you have interesting images on your blog, they will be shared on Pinterest and Facebook. Edit all of your pictures before uploading them into your blog.

Write Interesting Titles

If you want your blog posts to be read, you need to create eye catching titles that capture the essence of your thoughts. A great title should incorporate humor, communicate a benefit, or create controversy. Studies indicate that people are more likely to read your blog post if it begins with phrases like “10 Tips on…” or “How to” or “5 Steps to…” Those few words in your title can make the difference between a popular post that spreads like a virus all over the web and one that is barely noticed.

Create Engaging Content

Good blog posts are easily digestible and speak to a target audience. Include a call to action at the end of the post or in the sidebar of the page. Your content must be appealing to both people and search engines. Don’t flood readers with keywords but do pay attention to basic elements such as meta descriptions and permalinks. Use concrete, specific examples to build trust with your audience. Make sure your posts are interesting and useful. Cut content up into sections and lists.

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