Three Ingredients For A Successful Blog Post Campaign Without Google

"How To Increase Blog Traffic"I always get asked what is the secret to successful blog traffic? Is there one thing that you could do to make your blog a huge success?

Well for me it is a variety of things and the longer the blog is going the more the traffic will increase.

The reason for this?

Because if you are marketing all your super blog posts each week, over time your blog traffic will go through the roof!

If one super post can generate 5000 views and you did this twice a week after a year your blog would be in the gurus league.

But many of you struggle to get 5000 views a month so here are my three ingredients for a successful blog post campaign.

Ingredient #1 – Facebook Groups – 2500 New Visitors

This is the first of two ingredients that are based around Facebook. Some of you are probably sick of hearing about Facebook but it is not a fad – because if it was why did this work for me three years ago and still works PERFECTLY now????

Now this is hard work to set up originally (or you can cheat and use Fiverr) and what you do is set up a spare Facebook account and use it for joining lots of Facebook groups – though they MUST be in your niche. If they are not you will have a very poor response.

Then spend a fortnight joining them and getting accepted.

Then two weeks later post your blog posts to these groups making sure you post at a popular time of the day so that you can end up with the most views.

Alternatively you can pay someone on Fiverr to do this on your behalf if they have your niche available.

If you are good at this and find some good ones your advert of your blog post can be seen my well over a million people. Something that is fantastic for “free social media advertising”.

Don’t expect a million people to visit your website though – because these groups have a lot of ads and not every member is active.

I have averaged though 2500 visitors from one blog post over a three day period.

Ingredient #2 – Facebook Ads – 1500 New Visitors

This is the second from Facebook and is all about their paid ads. I pay $0.01 per click for their paid ads and a general campaign for a specific blog post usually brings me 1500 new visitors to my site.

What I have found from Facebook Ads is that they average five page visits each time they send me traffic so the quality of the traffic is excellent.

Many people I know pay per mile (CPM) for their traffic. But if you spend an hour on decent keywords and do your keyword research you can easily pay $0.01 a click from PPC.

For $15 it is the best $15 spent compared to what you can get for traffic from other places.

You could also take this a lot further and spend $150 and get 15,000 visitors to your website – the choice is yours and the ads are well worth experimenting with.

Ingredient #3 – Forum Ads – 500 New Visitors

Now forum ads you are probably wanting to slap me and say that it is a waste of time but it WORKS!

But forget putting your blog in your signature because this takes time and when you have other blog posts to do you hardly want to spend loads of time on this.

Look at your niche – so if you are in the internet marketing niche you have:

  • The Warrior Forum
  • WAHM
  • Digital Point

Then they all have either an “advertise your business” section or a paid classified area.

What you do is take out one of their advertisements and place your main micro niche keyword and begin the title with it. Like you would if you were writing an SEO article and the content is like a teaser for your blog post.

If your blog post is a top 10 tips have 2 tips and then direct them to the post to finish off what you started.

You have warmed them up, primed them and then are ready to read more about you.

This works for the following reasons:

A)    You are getting long term SEO from a forum and forums get indexed straight away

B)     You will get long term traffic not just a quick hit

C)    Unlike forum commenting as it is an ad the results for your work are much quicker

Before you question this I still get traffic from forum ads that I placed in 2009!

You can expect to get about 500 visitors from the initial adverts and then a further 100-200 a month as further traffic is drip-fed to you.

So there you have it three simple ways to increase your blog posts by 5000 for your next super post. Just imagine if you put out one super post a week, after a month you will have received 20,000 new unique visitors.

The cost for setting this up is just $30 (depending on how much you rinse and repeat) so come on then, look through your best posts and start your campaign today!

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