Thesis 2.0 Review

"Thesis 2.0"This Thesis 2.0 Review is the result of finally making it onto Thesis 2.0 and installing a fantastic theme via Themedy.

Since we have been working online we have changed our themes a number of times mainly because they look outdated which can happen very quickly in the internet marketing world. We have been big believers in updating your sites to mimic trends and what is good at the moment.

We have had the same theme on DSM Publishing for just over a year now and we have got it how we liked it, but we feel it is time for an update and go with a theme that would make our site not only mobile friendly but faster too. Hence us making the transition onto Thesis 2.0 last week.

Thesis 2.0 – Second Time Lucky

We had a disaster the last time we used Thesis. It was new out and very popular. I couldn’t find anyone half decent to customise a theme for me so Thesis seemed like the best option.

And it was. The way you could go in and completely edit it and do what you liked with it. But because of that it looked so boring and I just didn’t like how it looked. And at the same time everyone else that was giving Thesis a go also had ugly looking sites!

So we bought a skin and because Thesis was new at the time, there were endless bugs. So in the end we gave it up as a bad job.

And that was a few years ago and now after looking into Thesis 2.0 we are ready to go.

Thesis 2.0 – The Move

"Thesis Theme"I was dreading it and looking forward to it all at the same time. This is because I have never quite had the confidence to get stuck in to Thesis and when I did it just did not go well at all so I gave it up as a bad job!!!!

But I was young (well younger!) and had very little experience with WordPress at the time. And as I said earlier there were no decent skins that worked!

However over the years I have learnt a lot about WordPress, can now do a fair amount of coding and have developed the confidence to make it happen.

Actually version 2.0 of Thesis is so different on so many ways. And there are endless good quality skins to choose from too which makes it even better.

Thesis 2.0 – The Skin

" demo of Quik"So you have the new Thesis 2.0 theme and now being a lot more user friendly is a very potent mix for any website on the internet. Thesis has overcome the one obstacle that was holding it back in the original Thesis – the usability. Now it has perfection!

So we went and purchased the professional package as this is the best fit for us and I got stuck in. First of all I was overwhelmed with the shear amount of options you have in regards to your standard themes. I had a play and then decided on using Themedy skins.

If you don’t use a skin it could take a beginner months to design Thesis and some of the skins are really very good. And it’s a fantastic way to cheat your way to an amazing customised theme.We had spent a couple of days going through sites on Google and looking at theme demos that we liked. I would then save any I liked and then referred back to them later. I was looking for something clean but with a few other themes included so that when we do up our other websites or those of our clients we don’t need to pay for themes twice.

Anyway I added the new skin called quik. And also added all the boxes that came with the theme.

Thesis 2.0 – The Transfer

When we were planning our move onto Thesis the problem you have is it can take ages to get images the correct size, plan what is going in what box and to set all the different settings. Therefore we did an extra WordPress installation running off our main site so that we could test our changes as we went.

Then we can experiment until everything is right and then do the big transfer. And finally last week we officially moved the home of DSM Publishing onto Thesis. And because everything had been pre-planned it only took us a morning to complete.

There are still a few things we want to do to perfect it – but at least we are now moved.

Five Reasons To Move Onto Thesis 2.0

So to finish my Thesis 2.0 Review I want to touch on the best reasons to move to Thesis and how much of a difference it can make to your blog.

  1. The Thesis Framework

The framework that Thesis 2.0 uses is second to none. So clean and smooth and it also has SEO options built in. The problem I find with a lot of themes when they have failed to get decent SEO positions is that their website has been built just on plugins and as a result it has slowed down their website.

And with Thesis it does the complete opposite. The plugins are built in as part of their site, therefore you need less of them and you have a much better site experience.

Your site will then run faster and you will reduce your bounce rate.


  1. Ease Of Use

Thesis 2.0 is so easy to use I could train Kyle in it. Who has only just started using WordPress and is very much a beginner on the subject. You can click a few buttons and then have your perfect site. It can save you a fortune and paying people to customise a theme for you and pretty much everything can be customised to your liking.

  1. Thesis Skins For Everyone

Thesis 2.0 has now been around a while and as a result there are plenty of Thesis skins that people have made in their quest to make money from the Thesis brand. A few hours spent looking on Google can find you some fantastic ones and they are all at very reasonable prices too.

  1. Thesis = Mobile Friendly

It is amazing how responsive the Thesis framework actually is for mobile traffic. I was rather shocked how much our traffic increased by when we moved onto Thesis. And then when you realise how much of this is traffic from mobiles it is shocking. You think about how much quality traffic you have missed out on the past because you didn’t go mobile.

Then you can just make a few changes and turn your site into a mobile hub.

  1. Theme Support

Don’t you just hate it when you get a new theme and then have issues and have no idea how to solve them?

Now that is another reason to sign up for Thesis 2.0. They have a massive support area and they are super fast for getting back to you and they have helped us a great deal. We have not used them that much but its nice to know they are there to turn to if we need them.

And if you are ready to move to Thesis 2.0 and discover how much better your blog can perform then click here.

"Thesis Review"

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