Themedy Review And Testing It On Thesis 2.1

"Themedy Themes Review"After you have bought your thesis theme from DIY Themes unless you have a great knowledge of the Thesis framework you are going to want to get a skin. I went through countless resources online promising great new skins for Thesis 2.1.

But to be honest the skins were not that great and the choice of boxes you got with them were very poor also. Until I came across Themedy! On first look I thought they were only working on Genesis themes until I viewed the top of the page and it said new thesis 2.1 skins.

So I clicked on the link and it gave me about 9 skins (I think) that were compatible with Genesis and Thesis 2.1. They also have some Thesis 1 skins but I was blown away by the great looking skins they had available.

I had not come across any other company offering such a diverse collection of skins for the new Thesis 2.1 framework and because it has not being out long developers have not had a great amount of time to produce loads of options.

The DSM Publishing Theme

I honestly thought I was going to struggle to find one I loved but after viewing Themedy´s selection we found one we could agree on. It is the Quik skin and here is the demo version:

"Themedy Review"

We have kept some of the same options but we like to change a few bits here at DSM Publishing.

The thing that we love about Thesis 2 is how much of the theme you can change and make it your own, not one really looks like another which is a very good thing.

Especially if you are doing it yourself it gives you great confidence in your designs and that they are original.

The skin fits in seamlessly with Thesis 2.1 and another great point as I always do now when shopping for internet marketing tools online is look for great support and make sure they have an active forum for you to comment on and actually receive a reply.

I have bought many things on the internet for our business which promise great support, but when it comes down to the brass tacks of the situation it just does not cut it and you need to ask for a refund which you do not get as it is non-tangible goods, you know what I mean if you have ever bought something online for your business and the support turns out to be rubbish.

You feel let down. But I looked for some reviews on Themedy and when Chris from DIY Themes is mentioning them in a blog post here as one of the best Thesis skin developers then it is a good assurance for me that they will be reliable and have good support.

I have needed support a few times and my questions were answered quickly and the issue was resolved, it is just good know that if you run into trouble there is a great support forum to help you on your way.

So now we come to pricing. Thesis is not cheap and these Themedy skins are not cheap either but they say you get what you pay for and in the end even when you have shelled out nearly $400 on a theme and skin I promise you will be so pleased you have taken the plunge.

We signed up for the unlimited package on Themedy as we are always adding new blogs and it is nice to have unlimited access to some high quality skins. Then when new ones are added we will be the first to be informed.

Get The Look

To get the look that we have and to have both Thesis 2.1 and the Themedy Skin click below and make your site run faster, easier and with better search engine optimisation.

"Themedy Themes""Themedy Thesis Themes"

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