The Ultimate Introduction To Using Fiverr

"The Ultimate Introduction To Using Fiverr"Unless you have been living it up on a desert island for the last few years you will have heard of Fiverr in some way or another. In fact it’s difficult to go on an internet marketing forum without reading something about how good Fiverr is for you and your business.

Its actually one of my favourite resources and often when you are looking for a service online you end up getting the best deal on Fiverr.

I used Fiverr to begin with as a way to make extra money and I soon realised how great it was to outsource a few smaller jobs to the micro site. I have never actually withdrawn my earnings from Fiverr instead I have plugged them back into my business so that my business can then make me more money! Plus after PayPal fees and Fiverr fees if you withdraw it you are only left with about $3.50. Not to mention the fact my PayPal account is in a different currency to dollars!

"The Ultimate Introduction To Selling On Fiverr"

The Ultimate Introduction To Selling On Fiverr

Before you even start spending money on Fiverr you need to be making it first! And don’t think that the options are limited because they are not. There is so much you can sell on there. Though many people go wrong with it and don’t follow the golden rules.

The following has also been used on a variety of niches so don’t think that it is limited to the internet marketing niche.

Golden Rule #1 – Your Hourly Rate

Now this is the most important thing that you have to consider on Fiverr. If you are using Fiverr to make money and to be one of your income streams then it has to be worthwhile for you to do that.

For example if you are withdrawing your money and this is going to pay the bills you are earning about $3.50 per gig (after all fees have been taken into account) so if you need a $10 an hour to get by then you need to be doing 3 gigs an hour.

So you need to offer a service or a product that you can complete in 20 minutes. Or if you need to earn $20 an hour that is a gig per 10 minutes.

So look closely outside the box and see what you can offer.

For example I sell my free ebooks that my subscribers get for a Fiverr. And it only takes about 60 seconds to send them the download page url and I will wake up to about 5 orders on an average day from my weight loss Fiverr account and will do a few copies and pastes and 2 minutes later I have $20 sat in my Fiverr account ready to use on other gigs that I want to buy.

Another example is that I sell advertising space via Fiverr. Before I sold my wedding site I would sell a 30 day 125 banner advert for $30 and it would take me about 5 minutes to put up an advert that brought in six gigs. Then many of my buyers would buy it again so I didn’t need to do anything just send them a follow up of when their advert was due to expire.

Golden Rule #2 – Naughty Delay Tactics

Now this is often considered naughty and shouldn’t be done but I have found it’s the easiest way to turn your Fiverr order into two Fiverr orders. What you do which is really sneaky is with orders have a 7 day delivery time frame on it and don’t deliver the order until it is due.

And then on your gig extras you would have an option to receive the order in 24 hours. Many people don’t want to wait a week so many will pay for it at the time of the original purchase.

Others would get sick of waiting and would buy the upsell during the 7 day wait period.

It’s a great way to increase your sales and double your earnings without any extra work on your side.

I have done this for a long time and have never had a negative at all for the time taken to deliver the order and many have thanked me for offering a speedy delivery option.

Golden Rule #3 – The Upsell

You have delivered the order and earned yourself a Fiverr but now what?

That’s it and its time to wait for the next sale to come your way.

That is the answer by many but it doesn’t need to be like that.

What if you put together a few great gig extras and personally offered them to your customers. Go for things that you know that your customers need and that you would buy if you were the customer. Or it could be something that would me their life easier.

For me for example with my ebooks I will offer them a free one if they buy another one. So they are getting three for the price of two. These goes down very well and as you know ebooks are very quick to dispatch.

With the banner adverts I would offer a second advert for a special price.

You just have to look at what you are offering and how you can compliment it with other products and maybe a special offer.

Golden Rule #4 – The Keywords

Keywords is how people look for things on Fiverr and if you don’t have them and your gig in not featured people will NOT find you and buy your gigs.

I also know this because as an outsourcer when I am searching for gigs to buy it’s the first thing I look for. So make sure your main keyword is in the title, body and tags of your listing.

Have a good look at current listings that have the number one spot and see what they have done with their listing.

Here is an example for the search term “logo” and this is the first result that comes up:

"Fiverr Logos"

And then when you look at the gig you will see that the keyword is in the title and in the description:

"Fiverr Logo"

With the new look Fiverr you cant see what tags have been used so to do this revert back to the original Fiverr and look at the keywords they have used:

"Fiverr Tags"

And then you can implement a better way of delivering your keywords so that you can be above the competition and increase your sales.

Golden Rule #5 – The Videos

One easy way to increase your sales is by adding a video to your gig as it can say so much more about you and give you the chance to tell your customers more about your service.

Even if you don’t want to do videos there are many sellers on Fiverr selling ones for you to use.

Golden Rule #6 – Check Conversions

For my final golden rule when it comes to selling on Fiverr it is important that you check your conversions so that you can get the best out of your Fiverr sales.

The idea behind it is that you start with 20 gigs on Fiverr and then watch the conversions to see which ones are doing best and those that are not converting or are not bringing traffic to your listing need to be removed and ditched.

I find that the best time to review is every 30 days. So every 30 days you would look at your gigs and improve them. And after about 3 months of doing this you will find that you have created 20 great gigs that are getting you attention on Fiverr. And as you build up your gigs and of course your gig extras your income will grow.

And it’s at this point that you decide whether not to buy gigs on Fiverr or bank the cash! For me I like to buy gigs as there is just so much out there to spend on your business and it means you can spend on your business without it coming off your credit card.

So here is my introduction to buying on Fiverr.

The Ultimate Introduction To Buying On Fiverr

Fiverr as you know is such a big site and so many choices? So where do you start and what should you avoid?

First of all, the one thing you should avoid on there is freelance writing from people that don’t have English as a first language. You would be amazed of the low quality writing that is provided and seriously you wouldn’t pay $5 for a 500 word article and expect high quality and writing is one part of the business that you should put a decent amount of money into.

I find that on a positive point of view that the best gigs for me are the research ones. The ones that can save you a fortune and then you can use them in your business.

For example I am always sending out press releases to free press release submission sites and the list always needs to be kept up to date. And instead of spending hours looking for new press release sites to submit to you buy the gig; submit your press release and they give you a full report.

You can then get someone to open accounts with all the good quality press release sites and you have your own brand new list of press release submission sites and you have saved yourself a lot of time.

I did a similar thing last year when I was planning a new logo for my website. I didn’t really have a clue what kind of logo I wanted so I ordered a few on Fiverr and then came up with a logo design and had one made. It saved lots of hours looking and I love all my new logos!

Fiverr right now is also a buyers market with way too many sellers on there so you can get some brilliant deals.

And below is a list of a few currently on Fiverr (at the time of blogging) for you to look through and make the most out of your business.

Top 50 Gigs On Fiverr For The Online Marketer

Graphics & Design

1. I will design 2 OUTSTANDING, High Quality and Professional Logo for $5

2. I will do a superb LOGO design within 24 hours for you for $5

3. I will do a professional COVER design [2d and 3d] within 10 hours for your ebook/book/cd/box or anyting for $5

4. I will design Unique Attractive facebook cover for your fanpage profile group for $5

5. I will watermark 100 Photos or Images for $5

6. I will design a Professional perfect banner or header 48hr for $5

7. I will make you Cool Animated GIF Banner for $5

8. I will design a custom adorable twitter back ground for you or your business for $5

9. I will create 3 PROFESSIONAL Facebook Timeline Tab Thumbnails for $5

10. I will design a professional and unique eBook cover or Kindle cover for $5


11. I will seo audit your site and give you a step by step report so you rank quickly for $5

12. I will manually create Top QUALITY Backlinks from 10+ Unique Pr9 Top Authority Sites for $5

13. I will submit your website or blog to 3,000 high quality backlinks and directories for $5

14. I will create 50 edu and gov links to your website for $5

15. I will piNG your backlinks daily for 1 month using my premium account for $5

16. I will add your site to 820 social bookmarks high quality backlinks + rss + ping for $5

17. I will do indepth keyword research and provide high traffic, low competition and profitable KWs for any niche for $5

18. I will create an Actionable 30+ page complete SEO analysis report of your website for $5

19. I will give you a list with over 50 best free Seo, Sem and Smm online tools out there for $5

20. I will seo by directory submission and manually Submit your business site url to 50 pr3 to pr7 … for $5

Social Media

21. I will give GENUINE 30 Facebook, 20 Retweets, 5 G+, 20 StumbleUpon and 15 LinkedIns for $5

22. I will deliver 10100 Retweets and Favorites from 10100 unique profiles within 24 hours for $5

23. I will twitter tweet + add 150 google plus, 150 facebook likes + twitter and facebook for $5

24. I will help you with marketing and engaging your fans on Facebook for $5

25. I will review your companies social media presence for $5

26. I will tweet your link to my 135k real followers + retweet your link 500+ times for $5

27. I will tweet Your Ad Or Message And Link To My 29,000+ Real Followers In 24 Hours for $5

28. I will create five clever Facebook posts for $5

29. I will do 10 Digg, 40 Delicious, 40 stumbleupon, 10 folkd of your site/ youtube video/ blogg for $5

30. I will help You To Gain 400 PINTEREST Followers Within 24 Hours for $5

General Marketing

31. I will post 15 comments on your blog or forum for $5

32. I will test your website as a potential user for $5

33. I will create a custom mobile landing page with accompanying QR code for use in marketing … for $5

34. I will in less than 24hrs Submit Press Release to PrBuzz SBWire PressDoc and MyPrGenie for $5

35. I will submit in 45+ Press Release sites including PAID sites like Sbwire, PRBuzz for $5

36.  I will give you professional customized CONTENT marketing analysis and advice for $5

37. I will write and submit one article on ezine for $5

38. I will in 24 HOURS design an awesome logo and business card for $5

39. I will give You a List with The Top 150+ Technology Blogs That Accept Guest Posts for $5

40. I will add your guest post to my PR5 business blog for $5


41. I will interview you for online TV show for $5

42. I will create a professional Product Review video presentation in an Australian accent for $5

43. I will record a natural testimonial or awesome commercial in HD in English or Spanish for $5

44. I will create a whiteboard video to promote your business or website for $5

45. I will create a professional intro / opener video with your logo or text for $5

46. I will give you 5000+ YouTube Views REAL Human Guaranteed with high retention rate for $5

47. I will teach you how to make your YouTube videos interactive for $5

48. I will make a Video Submission on 30+ Video Sharing Sites from PR 9 , Online Marketing for $5

49. I will provide 5000 Youtube views these are real humans not bots for $5

50. I will customize your Youtube Channel Header for NEW Youtube Layout for $5

And with those 50 you will have a head start to get your outsourcing done for a real discount. You will notice I have not included virtual assistants in this lot above. And that is because its very difficult to find a good one and for something like that you are better off on Odesk­.

Let me know how you get along both as a buyer and a seller on Fiverr!

Extra Fiverr Resource

"5 Dollar Treasures"

And for more information on using Fiverr here is an exclusive special offer and shows you with the help of some great videos how to make the most out of your Fiverr account. Plus it is a great bargain at just three dollars.

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