The New Google Panda – Have You Got Any Exact Keyword Match Domains?

"The New Google Panda – Have You Got Any Exact Keyword Match Domains?"We all know that Google is the number one search engine, which means that where your site stands with this search engine can greatly affect your success. The higher your page ranking on Google, the higher your success will likely be.

That being said, in an effort to control poor quality websites from receiving high rankings, Google has put into practice Panda. In case you aren’t aware of what Panda is, it is a program that the search engine uses that is designed to detect and eliminate poor quality websites from being placed high in the search engine results. In other words, with Panda, Google can detect sites that have minimal value to the search engine user and sites that feature duplicated content and then remove them from receiving high page rankings on the site. The aim is to provide search engine users with higher quality search results.

Honestly, the goal of Panda is quite brilliant. How many times have you been searching for something on Google and have found low quality websites in your search results? It’s quite frustrating. With Panda, those low quality websites are pushed down in the results and higher quality websites are moved up.

In an effort to continue providing their users with top quality results, Google constantly updates Panda. Most recently, one of the updates includes having exact keyword match domains. This exact match domain update is basically targeted at sites that are designed with targeted keywords directly in their domain. For example, if your targeted keywords are iPhone products and you name your website, than your website will be hit by Google’s exact keyword match domain update.

Again, the goal of this exact keyword match domain not to personally attack Internet marketers, but it is to provide search engine users with higher quality results. You can’t fault Google for wanting to provide their users with a better quality product; can you?

Now, while Panda really is a brilliant idea, to an Internet marketer, Panda can be a terrible nightmare. I know of many, many marketers who have lost a lot of traffic to their websites; have lost their websites and have lost even their entire businesses because of Panda.

If you have been hit by the exact match domain update, you really have to rethink your approach to SEO and you really have to rethink your entire business strategy. If you have been hit, don’t worry; you can recover. The name of the game of Internet marketing is constantly modifying your business and constantly staying on top of your game.

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