The Journey of Internet Marketing

"The Journey of Internet Marketing"If you have been involved for a number of years you will be only to well, aware that the journey of internet marketing has been quite an amazing one and has changed quite a bit over the course of time. Who can remember the days of the software that threw up a website of hundreds of pages with a click of the mouse and then got ranked in the search engines earning the people who put these websites up, thousands of dollars in the process.

Many people spent all of their time doing this only for the rug to be completely removed from under them when their earnings went from thousands of dollars to zero over the course of a couple of days. This is when it became apparent that Google was on a mission to punish anyone who was trying it on, and that attitude has continued to this very day with many webmasters living in fear of the next Google slap.

We have also seen many other aspects in the journey of internet marketing, some good and some bad. Software that spins content so that hundreds of unique articles can be produced with very little effort was once the norm but it has become apparent that this method no longer works. Over recent years we have seen the advent of social media, who would have thought that something like Facebook and Twitter would have taken off in the way that they have and become more or less addictive to so many people.

One thing is for sure, the journey of internet marketing is one that is never ending and there is no doubt that there will be many more twists and turns over the years ahead. The big question is though, are you going to take a piece of the pie and make your fortune by the riches that internet marketing has to offer or are you going to be one of those people who looks back and realise that they have missed the boat yet again. The choice really is yours but if you want it, it is just a case of getting involved.

There will be many examples over the years to come of people who have started out with nothing and have gone on to become millionaires, all because of internet marketing and you will surely agree that there are not many industries where that kind of success is common place.

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