The Google EMD Update Have You Been Hit?

"The Google EMD Update Have You Been Hit?"In my last post, I discussed one of the biggest things that is going on in the world of Internet marketing, and that is Google’s exact match domain update to their Panda algorithm. Essentially, the idea behind this update is to target websites that contain targeted keywords directly in the name of their websites; for example, a website selling iPhone products that has the domain will be affected by the exact match domain update.

The goal of this update is to provide Google users with higher quality search engine results. The idea behind the latest exact match domain algorithm is to get rid of those low quality sites that really are in existence for the sole purpose of making money. Let’s face it; at the end of the day, Google wants to provide their users with high quality products, and a website that is designed specifically with the intent of making money for the webmaster probably isn’t going to offer search engine users much quality.

At the end of the day, while Google’s exact match domain update really is a wise idea on the behalf of search engine users, for an Internet marketer, this update can be a real issue. Google isn’t out to attack Internet marketers, they are out to increase their business; but, if your business was affected by the latest exact match domain update, than you may be feeling like it is a personal attack.

That being said, are you aware of whether or not your website has been impacted by the latest exact match domain update? If you aren’t aware, I highly suggest you find out; it’s really easy to tell. Check out the current ranking of your site and compare it to your previous ranking. Find out how much traffic your site has been bringing in. If either of these are substantially lower than they were, say last week, than there is a very good likelihood that you have been hit by the exact match domain update.

If your websites have been hit by Google’s exact match domain update, fear not (I know that this is easier said than done.) If you are an experienced Internet marketer, than you know that, as with all Google updates, you can recover from this one; and if you are a new marketer, than rest assured when I say that you can bounce back from this update. Sure, it may take some time, but you can recover from the exact match domain update.

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