The Google Dance

"The Google Dance"When someone refers to “The Google Dance” they are often talking about the updates that occurred before 2003. Google used to update their system only once every 36 days. This meant that companies would see a significant change in their ranking only 10 times a year. The changes were often so significant that sites would be able to notice the exact date that the updates occurred. The significant chance in ranking would often occur because sites would be deindexed for using improper tactics or simply because they were no longer in use. When these sites were deindexed, it would move other sites up in rank. In order sites to rank high after “The Google Dance”, they needed to anticipate the changes and act accordingly.

Google no longer waits to update their site every 36 days. The system is updated on a weekly basis so many sites do not see significant changes in their rankings very often. There are times when Google will do a major update. When this occurs, there are specific things that the engine is changing and that will greatly impact the rank of some sites. These updates are often changes to their algorithms. No site can anticipate how the updates will affect their ranking, but it is important for sites to have great inbound and outbound links, as well as, relevant content if they want to stay insure that their site does not get deindexed when an update occurs.

Regardless of what updates Google makes, the search engine will always be looking for key facts when issuing ranks. The factors include the number of valid links a site has. If a site has a ton of useless links, Google is going to view the site as being useless and not give the site high rankings. It is up to Google to insure that the site is able to give users valuable information. Many people find it easy to use the search engine and Google does not want that to change. The engine will always have to make updates in order to keep the users happy. Sites need to be able to continually adapt if they want to be sure that they do not lose all of their ranking every time an update occurs. “The Google Dance” may be long gone, but the significant drops in rank are still occurring at a moment’s notice. It is better to be proactive and keep a site high on rankings with great content, viable links, and useful keywords.

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