The Art of Optimising Images

"The Art of Optimising Images"Some people don’t realise the massive amounts of traffic which can come from images so it is particularly important that the art of optimising images is something which is learnt as soon as possible. The thing to remember though is that you will see far more success if the images are eye catching in some way, the art of optimising images still works if the images are on the boring side but as with anything to do with internet marketing, it is a wise idea to make sure that you do everything possible to ensure that these marketing methods work.

The search engines don’t recognise images as they are, for example you may have an image of a dog but unless you tell the search engines what the subject of the image is they just won’t know. So, what you have to do is to add descriptive text to the image wherever possible and when you do this it would be fair to say that the art of optimising images will bring a flood of quality traffic to whatever it is that you are promoting.

There are several opportunities to add text to the image and they include the image file name, body copy, page and image titles as well as the anchor text link. Don’t fall into the trap of putting in any old text though, carry out your keyword research in exactly the same way as if you were adding any other kind of content to your blog or website.

It is quite unbelievable when you realise that so many people don’t understand how lucrative the art of optimising images can be but perhaps more than that, how simple it is to optimise images and then be rewarded with lots of search engine traffic. Many experts agree that optimising images in this way is about the most effective form of traffic generation, even more effective than some of the more popular methods so take the hint and put the art of optimising images on your to do list as soon as possible.

Once you have optimised one image it will be like second nature and you will be able to do the rest in a matter of minutes, with the results paying you dividends many times over the months and years ahead, and you will no doubt wonder why you didn’t get involved earlier, it really is that effective.

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