The Art Of Manual Link Building

"The Art Of Manual Link Building"Getting your Web site noticed on the search engines is one of the most important goals of any Internet marketer. You see, the more your Web site is noticed by the search engines, the higher your ranking on the search engines is going to be and the higher your ranking on the search engines is, the more traffic you are going to get to your site; and it is no secret that every Internet marketer wants to drive the most amount of traffic that they possibly can to their Web sites.

One of the best ways to get noticed by the search engines is with links. Why? Well, because the more links that the search engines find on the Web that lead back to your site, the more valuable the search engines are going to think your Web site is. The more valuable your Web site, the higher your ranking on the search engines will be.

There are a few ways that you can achieve links to your site; one is through link building services, but the preferred method is through manual link building. Link building services don’t create the strong links that you need – only manual link building can do this.

There is an art form to manual link building. If you are planning on building manual links, then you need to ensure the following:

  • They need to have anchor text that is similar, but not exactly the same. You want to make sure that your anchor text for each of your manual links that you build is a little different from one another.
  • You want to make sure that you Web sites on which the manual links that you build is similar to the content on your own site. If your site is in the crafting niche, you don’t want to put a link to your site on an Internet marketing site.
  • Try to put your links on sites that have high page rankings. As common sense dictates, the higher the ranking of the sites that you are placing your links on, the more exposure your links are going to get and ultimately, the more traffic you are going to generate.
  • Make sure that your link is working properly. I know that it may sound silly, but often times, people go to the trouble of building links back to their sites and the links don’t work properly. If the link isn’t working properly, then you just wasted time building the links.
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