Teenager Designs Twitter Software To Stop Spoilers

"spoiler app"American teenager Jennie Lamere has created a piece of software to prevent people from seeing spoilers about their favourite films and TV shows and this inspired piece of coding has won her the title of “best in show” at a hackathon being held in Boston, US.

17 year old Jennie Lamere spent around 10 hours developing her code which led her to beat off competition from professional developers at the TVnext Hack event.

She said she came up with the idea after becoming frustrated that she was finding out spoilers about her own favourite television shows through different forms of social media including Twitter and Facebook.

She wanted to ensure that she never found out about what was happening on her favourite shows including Pretty Little Liars and Dance Moms and because of this she created 150 lines of code to create aTwivo plug in.

The Twivo plug in works with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and allows any users to specify key words that they want to block from their social media feeds to prevent any spoilers.

The spoiler app is now being tweaked by Jennie Lamere for her twitter version and she has said that she will be working on similar software for Facebook as soon as it is possible.

While the feat of beating off professional developers was enough in itself Jennie Lamere has now inadvertantly also become a poster girl for female programmers, designers and developers and has shown how an individual can work to have great success in the industry.

The competition had a total of 80 competitors and of these not only was Jennie Lamere the only female taking part she was also the only person working alone for the prize.

Other women were at the event but the developing world is seen as being very male orientated but there is no reason that woman cannot enter the industry.

Since her win she has inspired groups such as Girls Who Code, an American group aimed at encouraging young women into the coding industry.

According to a report by the BBC only 12 percent of all computer science graduates are women.

Jennie Lamere is still in school however she is due to start at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York State where she will then go on to study software engineering with the aim of one day working for industry giants Google.

her aims may be high but in the short term she is said to be hoping simply for some more people to follow her on Twitter.


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