Taking Your Offline Business Onto The World Wide Web

"taking your offline business onto the world wide web"If you have an offline business you probably know only to well how expensive advertising can be. I nearly fainted when someone told me how much it costs for an advert in the yellow pages these days, never mind advertising in the newspapers.

It always amazes me though why more people with offline businesses don’t start looking into the opportunities which are available on the internet. For only a few dollars you can get your business in front of so many highly targeted potential customers and I would have to say that promoting your offline business in this way is one of the most effective methods that I know about.

To be honest, the reason that I think more offline businesses have not got involved with online marketing is that they have been stung in the past by companies offering website design services which cost an absolute fortune. They are left hundreds of dollars down and with a website which may look the part but does absolutely nothing to get them more business.

Give me a plain looking blog which has been optimised to get search engine traffic over a flashy looking website any day of the week because I know it will make more money, end of story.

An advantage of taking your offline business online is that you will more than likely be able to get hold of a great domain, if you are a window cleaner for example, there will be a good chance that you will be able to get hold of a domain with the name of your city and the term, window cleaning in it without to much trouble.

I don’t know about you but if I am looking for a product or a service in the town where I live, the first thing I do is search online, I don’t think I have even got a yellow pages in my house because I find everything that I need on the internet so if you have an offline business, take the hint and get online as soon as you possible can, it could very well be the best business move that you ever make.

The great thing is though, you could get a web presence completely set up in under a few hours and spend less than $20, it’s all a bit of a no brainer, don’t you agree?

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