StatCounter vs Google Analytics

"StatCounter vs Google Analytics"In order to have a successful website, you need to know certain key factors. You need to be able to find out how many people are visiting your site. This will allow you to know if you should change its layout or if a new traffic-sourcing element needs to be implemented. You need to be able to know what keywords are most useful for your site. The more useful keywords you use on your site, the better chance that you will get traffic from the search engines results pages. Using the right keywords is essential. Another key element to a successful website is to know what pages are used often and which are never viewed. This can help you to determine what pages may need some fine-tuning and which are just a waste of space on your site. You also want to know where your traffic is coming from so that you can implement similar features elsewhere to boost your traffic overall.

There are quite a few statistic packages at your disposal. Some are free to use while others charge a fee for the information they can provide. The free packages are often enough to help your site get the information it needs to be successful. The two most popular and widely used free website statistics packages are the Google Analytics software and the StatCounter software. Both will allow you to monitor all of the pages on your site using JavaScript code that is undetectable. You can export the information so that you can use it with ease and the packages both allow you to use their interfaces over the web. There are some crucial elements to each package that makes one program better than the other does.

The Google Analytics package can be a bit overwhelming to use. It has a lot of unneeded bells and whistles that can increase the amount of time it takes you to find the information you want. The formatting and programming of the Google Analytics is ideal for commerce websites or websites that primarily deal with pay per click campaigns.

The StatCounter software is the ideal choice for just about every website. The software is easy to use and allows a site owner to learn everything they need to know about what is happening with their site quickly. This software not only allows you to see when and who has visited your site, but the path they took while they were on your site. This can help you to determine what keywords were essential in the path and if more backlinks should be added. Unlike the Google Analytics software, StatCounter allows a website owner to track their site’s progress over a longer period of time. For only $9 per month, a site owner can purchase additional data storage through the StatCounter system. This will allow them to look at their site results every few days rather than every day. They can also track changes and see the results over a longer span of time.

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