Starting a Cost Per Click Campaign

"PPC campaign"Cost per click, also called pay per click (PPC), is an online advertising model used to increase website traffic. Advertisers pay for each ad clicked via Google Adsense, Facebook Ads, Yahoo or other platforms. This strategy can help you obtain targeted traffic, convert visitors into customers, and create action that generates revenue. However, many small businesses make mistakes that have a negative impact on their campaign.

Here are a few tips on starting a cost per click campaign:

Choose Your Keywords Carefully

PPC advertising can only succeed if you are bidding on the right keywords. Before you start a cost per click campaign, research the most profitable keywords in your niche. This advertising model revolves around choosing the best keywords and key phrases. If you have a well established website with high rankings, you can use PPC to get traffic for additional keywords.

Make Your Ads Relevant

After choosing your keywords, come up with a relevant ad. Assume that a prospect doesn’t know anything about your business. Test different versions of your ads to see which perform best. Most advertising platforms reward relevant ads with lower cost per click and higher placement.

Include a Call-to-Action

Your ads should include a strong call-to-action. You don’t want people to just read your ads; you want them to take action after reading your sales copy. Make sure you add a call-to-action such as “Join us today,” “Sign up for more information,” or “Book a flight now.”

Hire an Expert

If you need help writing your ads, seek professional support. A marketing consulting firm or a SEO company can help you get the most return-on-investment for their daily spending. They will also provide recommendations to improve your pay per click performance and choose the right keywords.

Determine Your Budget

Set a daily budget for your pay per click campaign. This will help you limit the amount that you want to spend monthly. Set goals for your campaign. Make sure you get the best value for your money.

Target Your Ad Campaigns Effectively

When it comes to cost per click advertising, the key to success is to target your ad campaigns to the right people. All advertising platforms allow customers to specify who sees their ads, so make sure you take advantage of this feature. If you want to advertise your business in multiple countries, create an ad group for each. Local business owners can use micro-geographic targeting to choose the areas in which their ads will appear. Advertisers can also schedule their ads to run at specific times and days.

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