Some Social Media Myths

"Some Social Media Myths"Social media has been a big topic in the Internet marketing industry as of late; and well it should be – social media is a sure fire way to increase the success of your business, get it noticed and boost your sales.

Despite how powerful social media can be for your Internet marketing business, as with anything in life, there are myths that are associated with it. You shouldn’t always listen to everything that you hear and that being said, I want to draw your attention to some of the biggest myths that are associated with social media and Internet marketing.

Myth 1. FaceBook is all you need to use
While yes, FaceBook is a very powerful social media platform, it is not the only social media platform that you should be using. While it may seem like everyone has a FaceBook account, that just simply isn’t the case. If you limit yourself to using only FaceBook for your social media marketing campaign, then you are going to be selling yourself short. Other platforms that are highly popular and that will have a big impact on your business include Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Myth 2. It’s Easy to Do
While social media is very important to your Internet marketing business, and it may seem like it is easy to do, the reality is that it actually takes some knowledge and some working out before you actually get it to work for you the way that you want it to. Think of social media marketing as a recipe; you have to practice a lot before you get the perfect outcome.

Myth 3. It is Free.
While yes, it may be free to set up a FaceBook or Twitter account, it takes time to create content to post on these social media platforms, it takes time to optimize your content, to publish it, to figure out when the best time is to post; etc. In my world, my time is very valuable and my time is money. So, to that end, no, social media marketing really isn’t free, per say.

Myth 4. It’s all you Need.
Nothing could be further from the truth. While you will surely see a positive impact on your business when you start using social media marketing, it is not all that you need to use to market your business. Don’t think that just because you started using social media marketing that you should stop using all of the other tactics that you used to use to promote your business. Don’t put your blog on hold, stop sending out emails, etc. Social media is a way to expand your business, but it shouldn’t be all that you rely on.

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