Social Media Source Of Most Online Bullying

"online bullying"Social media sources such as Facebook and Twitter have been found to be the places where people are most likely to be subjected to online bullying and trolling.

A study by found that the people most likely to be a victim of online bullying were 19 year old males and the survey found that 85 percent of 19 year old men had experienced some form of online bullying in the past.

While online bullying may be rife there are very few people who seem to act on what has happened to them with only 37 percent of the teenagers asked saying that they had reported it to the social network that they were using and only 17 percent saying that they would tell their parents about the problem.

The survey found that 87 percent of the reported bullying happened on Facebook with 19 percent on Twitter and a further 13 percent on BlackBerry Messenger.

The object of the survey was to highlight the issues surrounding social media and the potential dangers of using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. is a free site that gives advice to people about staying safe and protecting yourself while online.

Emma Jane Cross from the BeatBullying charity told the Telegraph: “Bullying both on and off-line continues to be a serious problem for a huge number of teenagers and we cannot ignore its often devastating and tragic effects,” she said.

“We work with hundreds of young people being cyber-bullied or trolled so badly that it can lead to depression, truancy, self-harm, or even force them to contemplate or attempt suicide.”

More than 2,000 teenagers were contacted for the survey to give a broad range of answers.

In response to the survey a spokesman from Facebook said: “There is no place for harassment on Facebook, but unfortunately a small minority of malicious individuals exist online, just as they do offline.

“We have a real name policy and provide people with simple tools to block people or report content which they find threatening so that we can remove it quickly.”

If you find that you have become a victim of online bullying then you are advised to contact the social network directly to report the problem.

Online bullying and trolling is becoming an increasing worry, especially for parents who find they feel powerless to help their child if they have become a victim but advice is available online for both parents and children to help deal with any problems that may arise on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.


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