Social Media Marketing: Facebook Vs Twitter

"Facebook Vs Twitter"I am amazed these days how many internet marketers are still in their 9 to 5 jobs and are running internet marketing businesses during evenings and weekends.

And some are running them while they are supposed to be working for someone else (though that is top secret so don’t spill!) and there just isn’t the time to put into their online business.

So this brings me back to my brand marketing and social media. I outsource the small tasks so that someone else follows back my new followers and removes spammers from my account. And of course adds my blog posts to my feeds.

What about the part of you that you are selling and marketing yourself on social media sites?

This part needs your full attention and you need the time to do this.

So if you have only 10 minutes free a day for social media which of the two social media channels would you choose?

Social Media Marketing With Twitter

"Social Media Marketing With Twitter"

Twitter is particularly good because it is easy to socialise with a lot of different people in your niche. You can also connect to local celebrities in your niche in order to jump on their Twitter followers.

Any big news is also on there so that you can get your name about much quicker than you can with Facebook.

Another thing I love about Twitter is the #hashtags and with how seriously social media channels are now taken for searches you want your name in those hashtags.

So imagine if you tweet twice a day with your keyword in the hashtag and how great it will be for traffic and building up a following.

Social Media Marketing With Facebook

"Social Media Marketing With Facebook"

Facebook though in my opinion has a lot more features and according to Alexa is the most used site in the world.

Just imagine what you could do with a Facebook page and how you can spread the word about your company.

You could even have a squeeze page running off the side of your Facebook page – something you can never achieve with Twitter!

On the other hand it always feels like you have to put more effort into your Facebook account compared to Twitter which is not necessarily good if you only have 10 minutes a day to spare.

But once you have Facebook working for you it pretty much runs itself. Plus because people have your updates directly in their Facebook feed you only need to post once a day to look like you are active on there.

Where as Twitter you soon disappear and need to post 10 times as much for the same effect.

I love them both and it’s a case for me of Twitter if you are looking for it from an SEO point of view. Alternatively Facebook if you are looking at building a long term social media presence.

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    Lisa john September 28, 2013, 8:31 am

    Nice comparison between these two big things. Almost all the small business owners and big companies are using social media for their business promotions. not just fb and twitter but Linkedin , avastring , pinterest and stumbleupon are also being used for marketing and social networking.
    But personally I think fb is much more easier and beneficial for the marketing purpose.
    At the end , once again, very nice article and comparison :)


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