Should You Have A Local Domain Name?

"Should You Have A Local Domain Name?"When you register your Web site, whatever it may be, you will have to decide on a domain name for the site. There are a variety of ways that domain names can end, .com, .info, .org and .edu are most likely some of the domain names that you have seen before. Another commonly used type of domain name is a local domain name. A local domain includes the location of which the Web site is owned. For example, if you live in the United Kingdom, the local domain name would be .uk or if you live in Australia, the domain name would be .au.

You may be wondering whether or not you should use a local domain name for your site. Before deciding whether or not you should use this type of domain name, have a look at some of the pros and cons to determine if this domain name is right for you.


  • Using a local domain name can really help to increase you ranking on the local search engines. For example, if you have a site with a .uk domain name, you may find that you will rank better in the results. This is because your site will be easily identified as a UK site and it will likely get better priority when people who live in the UK are searching for terms related to your site.
  • Using a local domain name may allow you to use the URL for your site that you really would like to. It is often the case that when people have an idea for a name for their Web site and they try to register for it with a .com domain name, the name is already being used. This is because so many people try to register their Web sites as .com’s and well, many people may have the same idea for the name of a Web site in a particular niche.
  • Web masters often like to link to local domains, as doing so is often regarded as more attractive, which means that if you have a local domain name, you may have a better chance of building links back to your site.


  • If you use a local domain name, you may not get the rankings that you want to on the .com domain search engines. For example, if you have a site with a domain name of .au, while you may rank well on the search engine, you may not on the on – .com domains.
  • Your local domain name may cause confusion with Web searchers. Many times, people may forget to add the .uk or the .au to the end of the URL that they are looking to find. This may cause them to end up on another site that contains similar information to yours, which can result in less traffic to your site and less income.
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