Sex Offender Looks To Close Down Facebook Page

"facebook court case sex offender"A convicted sex offender has asked the High Court to remove a Facebook page which named him as a paedophile to be removed from the social network.

According to a report from the BBC the lawyers for the man has said that the page presented his client with the risk of being hunted down by Facebook users.

The Facebook page “Keeping our kids safe from predators” was found by the man to contain a picture of himself followed by abusive comments about him, although these comments and photographs have since been removed.

The lawyer for the unnamed man not only want the page to removed  completely from Facebook but they also want the identities of the people who set it up to be revealed.

The defendant is claiming that the site as misused his private information and has led to harassment and a breach of his human rights.

The man is currently out of prison on license after serving time for committing sexual offences.

Some of the offensive messages that were posted by Facebook users under the picture of the man were read out to the court.

According to the BBC one of the comments said: “So the man, or I mean mess of a human being, that’s taken this page to court, he must want to be the head paedophile and rule over all sex offenders.  he will be like a god to them.”

Another message said: “put him down like an animal” while another Facebook user said that they knew how to get around the ban on identifying the man – who is currently not able to be named for legal reasons.

The lawyer for the man said that the Facebook page had and continued to cause her client anxiety and fear.

She said: “The risk, the plaintiff would say, is that this sort of vitriol will translate into physical action of some type either against the plaintiff personally or against him and his property.”

She added that the picture of the man had been posted onto the Facebook page without his approval: “In essence the plaintiff is seeking that the page be removed in its entirety.

“There is a real risk, we say, that it will facilitate people to come together or to obtain information, maybe through a private message facility, to find out where he lives and those with criminal intent will carry out some sort of reprisal attack on the plaintiff or his property.”

Peter Hopkins from Facebook Ireland said: “will it give the plaintiff any benefit to shut down this site and deprive 4,000 legitimate users the freedom of expression, the vast amount of which is legitimate debate on sex offenders.”

The case draws to attention the difficulty in allowing the freedom of speech while also protecting the rights of individuals.


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    Lela December 5, 2012, 12:42 pm

    Ummm easy delete the plaintiff should delete his account and then no one should be able to track him down.

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      Lela December 5, 2012, 12:43 pm

      sorry Plaintiff should delete his FB account. Typo error there.


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