SEO Terms That Every Internet Marketer Should Know

"SEO terms that every internet marketer should know"Search engine optimisation is most definitely an art that anyone can learn and there are SEO terms that every internet marketer should know which will make it easier for them to progress and begin to see results over the shortest possible space of time.

It would be fair to say that there are many of these SEO terms but here are a few of the most recognisable.

Backlinks – This is simply a link from another website back to your own. If these backlinks are from sites with authority it gives more weight to your own search engine rankings because Google perceives your website as being of importance.

SERP – This stands for the search engine results page and it is the aim of every internet marketer who is worth is or her salt to get positions at the tip of the SERP’s as it will result in more traffic and ultimately more profits.

Sandbox – The google sandbox is so called because it is usually the case that shortly after a blog or website is released it completely disappears from the SERP’s and it is said to go into the sandbox. It  should be remembered though that this is not in any way a punishment and if the blog or website is of a high quality it will soon make a returns to the SERP’s.

Keyword Density – When content is added to a blog or website, and for SEO purposes, it should contain keywords and phrases in relation to the subject that is being targeted. Whilst keyword density is of importance it should be remembered not to over do it as sometimes people take it to far and the content becomes unreadable and result in a poor visitor experience which is definitely no good for SEO purposes.

Duplicate Content – This is most definitely a no no. Some people are tempted to copy content so that they don’t have to write it themselves or pay to get it written. Google can spot this straight away and punishes accordingly, usually in the form of not being ranked in the search engine results.

Black Hat – This is basically a term which means carrying out SEO and other internet marketing methods in an underhand way. It can sometimes seem like an attractive way to carry out an online business as quicker results are sometimes promised but it is no way to build a reputable business which will stand the test of time.

These are just some of the  SEO terms that every internet marketer should know but it should be realised that there are many more.

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