SEO Hit List For Brand New Sites

"SEO Hit List For Brand New Sites"It is a good idea to have an SEO hit list for brand new sites which will mean that you go through a set out number of steps when you first release a new website. This SEO list should not feature any of the so called loop holes or anything like that, just solid techniques which will always stand the test of time, whatever new updates the search engines bring into play.

Arguably the most important part of a new website is the content that goes on it. This content should always be well written, informative and most importantly, of interest to the people who will visit the website. The necessary keyword research needs to be carried out but don’t be a slave to it as far as your content goes, no one wants to read a load of rubbish that is stuffed full of keywords in order to try and rank highly for SEO purposes.

When it comes to an SEO hit list for brand new sites, the promotion side of things should always include social media. Every man and his dog now use the likes of Twitter and Facebook so you really would be missing a trick by not incorporating social media in your SEO campaigns. Another aspect which should most definitely be considered on your SEO hit list is Youtube. Many people now use Youtube as their search engine of choice so it stands to sense that you should be getting involved. It is not difficult to put up a straight forward video that will more than do the job that it is intended for but if you would prefer it is easy to get someone of a site like fiverr to do a great job for you.

Social bookmarking should definitely be on your SEO hit list for brand new sites and once you get into the swing of it you will find that it will be second nature with the added benefit that it is an easy task to outsource if you are that way inclined.

In the old days, you could put some content on a new website and just leave it at that but now one of the most important aspects of your SEO hit list would be to add new content on a regular basis, this will ensure that your website will not only rise through the ranks of the search engines but more importantly, stay there!

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