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"SEO Cowboys"There are companies who are taking the latest Google update and trying to use it to their advantage. Many companies who were hit hard by the update are scrambling to try to regain their rankings and start getting traffic back to their sites. The SEO Cowboys are claiming that they know every trick in the book and can get any site the ranking needed to improve traffic and start making money. They claim that they have a special SEO relationship that they have built with Google that no other company has. This is not the case at all.

Many of the SEO Cowboys will claim that they have the special relationships that can make or break a site. They claim they can get Google to deindex a site or give a site top rankings. There are tactics that the SEO Cowboys use that do initially help the sites to gain ranking. These tactics are not very impressive or unique. They use the same tactics that any site can do on their own or hire a professional to do for them. The “unique tactics” used by the SEO Cowboys are not worth the price that they charge for them.

If your site was hit hard by the last Google update, you need to change the way your site is set up and the material that is on it. You can hire an SEO specialist to help you, but you should not hire someone who claims to have a special relationship with Google. This should send up a red flag and cause you to avoid working with that person or SEO company at all costs because they are more than likely scam artists.

When you hire someone to help you with the SEO tactics for your site, it is important to talk to references so that you can be sure they use tactics that are recognized and accepted by Google. There are some SEO Cowboys who will claim that they need upfront payment in order to accomplish the ranking that a site needs. They then take the clients money without waiting to see if the site has gained the desired ranking. It can be very difficult to prove that the SEO Cowboys did not complete their job properly and even more difficult to get your money back if they swindle you. Taking your time to be sure the company is reputable is essential.

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