Search Engines Ever Changing rules and the recent Penguin

"Search Engines Ever Changing rules and the recent Penguin"In order to allow those searching on the internet to be able to find the information they need quickly and easily, search engines constantly change the algorithms they use for determining the legitimacy and value of sites on the net. Google is no different when it comes to changing their algorithms. Google is one of the most widely used search engines throughout the world. If they never changed their algorithms, people would constantly be able to find ways to get by their system and have site rank high that have no valuable information.

Recently, Google had a change in the way they rank sites called “Penguin”. The “Penguin” update consisted of 52 updates to the way that the search engine would recognize sites and assign ranking. The update changed the way that some anchors are recognized by the search engine. It also changed the way that websites were found when someone searched for the site. Google will now recognize the location of the user, identify the specific location for which the searcher is looking, and list the local navigational listings first. This means that many sites have had to add and change information about their location.

Google also changed the way that search terms are scored. They set up a new algorithm that will determine the validity of search terms more precisely and rank the sites accordingly. The “Penguin” update also affected many sites due to the new “Freshness” project that will rank sites based on the “freshness” of the content they have on their site. When someone is looking for a policy or event, they want the most relevant and fresh content possible. Google has made it possible for someone to find up to the minute information quickly and easily.

The update also improved the query interpretation settings for the engine. When someone searches for a term, there are many times when the term is misspelled. Google has updated their detection software to determine what the word was supposed to be more precisely. Many sites intentionally included keywords that were misspelled and the new program makes those tactics useless. Google also changed the way it’s “auto complete” system works so that there are less chances of useless or improper searches. Google took the time to listen to users wants and needs. They made the necessary changes to allow users to find useful information quickly and easily. A site can still rank high on the search engines result pages if they contain quality content and follow White Hat SEO tactics.

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