"SEO"SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO consists of the tactics that a site uses to be able to gain ranking on the search engine results pages. There are good and bad SEO tactics that sites use to try to gain ranking. It is important for you to use search engine tactics that are considered to be legitimate and valid.

When you are choosing the tactics to use for your site, it is important to determine if they are Black Hat or White Hat tactics. Black Hat SEO tactics are tactics that are banned by many search engines. Optimizers have taken the time to develop some optimization techniques that trick the search engines into ranking sites higher than they should be. The Black Hat tactics may help a site to gain ranking for a short period, but the search engines will recognize the tactics eventually and then the site will pay dearly for their mistake. Google is a prime example of a search engine that is making changes to catch and remove all sties from their index that are using any Black Hat SEO tactics. They had two major updates that shook many sites to their core. They were able to weed out any sites that were filled with fluff content and leave only the websites that contained valid and useful information.

White Hat SEO tactics are tactics that are allowed by the search engines and help websites to be more noticeable to the search engine spiders. The spiders are sent by the search engines to “crawl” through websites and find certain keywords and information on the sites. They use the information that is obtained to determine if the site is useful and should rank higher on the results page. The spiders will be able to detect keyword stuffing, as well as, improper links and improper back linking. Using only White Hat SEO tactics is essential to having a viable and high-ranking site.

If you choose to work with a company that uses Black Hat SEO tactics, you could have your site ranked very high one day and completely deindexed the next. It is important to know what tactics are being used to optimize your site and that the tactics fall within proper SEO guidelines. The search engines do not care if a site owner is unaware of the type of tactics that are used on the site. They only care that the sites are up to par and follow proper protocol.

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