Search Engine Optimisation And Google Images

"search engine optimisation and google images"Using google images for search engine optimisation purposes is a process which is not widely know about but I can assure you that it works really well and is something that you should seriously consider for your own search engine optimisation activities.

It is all very easy to do and there is the added attraction of making your blog or website more attractive to your visitors. Before I go any further I would have to say that it is always better to use your own images or pay for the rights to use images, It is not expensive and there is a massive range out there for you to choose from.

Ok, Google is not yet advanced enough to be able to recognise images but when an image is added to a website there are several fields which you can use to add text, which Google can read! It is then just a case of carrying out the usual keyword research, high searches with limited competition, and then add these words to the description of the images.

I always find that it pays dividends to take your time with this keyword research because it really can pay dividends and I really feel that it is an opportunity that should definitely not be missed. There is also another option which can be taken advantage off but for this it is even more important that you only use your own images.

It is possible to include a link back to your own blog or website and allow other webmasters to use these images on their own websites. These advantages that you will get from these backlinks really are quite extraordinary and I am always amazed why more people don’t seem to take advantage of them.

The advantages of using good quality back links have always stood the test of time whilst other search engine optimisation methods have come and gone, and the backlinks that can be produced from using images is one of the best that is out there at the moment. Take your time when you are using this method for the first time, it is very straightforward but as with anything else, the first time always takes a little longer. When you have done it once or twice though, and seen the results that you can get from it, it will become obvious that using images in this way will become a regular part of your search engine optimisation programme.

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