Say Goodbye To Duplicate Content

"Say Goodbye To Duplicate Content"If you haven’t yet done so it is definitely now time to say goodbye to duplicate content because if you don’t you might as well give up on any hopes of receiving high search engine rankings. Duplicate content has always been the lazy option and it has been the case for a long time that people using it will be punished by the search engines, but even that does not stop some people from getting involved.

The thing is though, the latest Google updates have made it very clear that duplicate content just will not be tolerated so it is now more important than ever to ensure that any content that you add to your blog or website is both unique and well written and in no way copied from any where else.

This is one of the reasons why if you outsource your content requirements to a third party you should always use something like copyscape to check that the content is unique. As an example, if someone copies some content from elsewhere, passes it on to you as original and you place it on your blog or website without checking it out first, it will cause all sorts of problems, most notably that your website will completely disappear from the search engine rankings and getting it back there will definitely be easier said than done.

Also, make sure that you are not tempted to take some content from elsewhere yourself in the hope that Google will just not notice, it will not only notice but come up and slap you across the face! To say goodbye to duplicate content could be one of the best moves that you have ever made and it is not only the search engines but also the visitors to your blog or website who will thank you for it.

If you are involved in internet marketing you will probably see all sorts of software which will claim to enable you to put up content without having to say goodbye to duplicate content but you would be best advised to take these claims with no more than a pinch of salt. The providers of these so called systems most definitely don’t have your best interests at heart and at the end of the day all that they are interested in is taking your money, you have been warned because it will not only be a waste of cash for you but also a waste of time.

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