Pushes Into Social Media Industry

" Pushes Into Social Media Industry"

A new software suite has been revealed by in San Francisco with this new package hoped to push the company deep into the social media market.

According to Reuters the founder of, Marc Benioff, used the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco to show off new social media products.

The company are hoping to start a “social revolution” by helping large companies to harness the power of social media by using their software. showed the 90,000 people at the conference their new “Marketing Cloud” which is intended to help different businesses keep tabs on their brand as it s mentioned on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  The software is also designed to help these businesses manage their posts on different social media sites and calculate the reach of this content through the different sites.

The Marketing Cloud is the latest attempt by to help to merge the needs of businesses and consumers through social media and is a product of the $689 million buy out of Buddy Media which occured earlier in the year.

Marc Benioff said at the conference: “Are you and your company going through a social revolution?  We see your customers and your employees and your partners al connected.”

Combining the worlds of industry with the world of social media has been a challenge for many traditional companies who have failed to realise the potential of the social media world for promotion of products.

As well as the Marketing Cloud, Salesforce also announced the release of, described as “human resources management software” while the company also revealed Chatterbox, a file sharing tool that the company hope will help them to rival Google Drive, Dropbox and was first founded in 1999 to offer online software within the sales process but th company has grown and changed over recent years and is now branching into social media to be able to maintain the growth of the company and to keep share prices high.

This move by is hoped to put the company into a position in which they will be able to rival the other big names in the business including Oracle and SAP.

The software as a service industry is growing massively at the moment and the moves by are being reflected by their rivals who are also moving into cloud storage systems and new social media services.

Ragy Thomas from the social media management company Spinklr told Reuters: “There´s been close to a couple of billion dollars spent in this space by the top software companies around the world, but I don’t think we’re done yet.”

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