SafeSwaps Experiment And How I Built 6800 Subscribers In 90 Days On Safe Swaps Revealed

"Safe Swaps"Safeswaps has fast become the favourite place for internet marketers to go in order to build a list and get some passive income started and coming into their bank account.

But the big question many people ask in forums is that they can’t afford it, or it is saturated. So I decided earlier this year to put it to the test and just see how easy Safe Swaps actually converts and whether or not it is worth the money or not.

Well the truth is it is if you know what you are doing. Just like I mentioned earlier today in my Safe Swaps Review you have to know who to trust, what kind of lists to buy and of course there is your sales funnel.

And don’t think that you have to sell your one time offer for less than five dollars like mentioned in many reviews I have read. My one time offer was sold for $9.00 a time and converted it like crazy. (If you want to follow my sales funnel that I used then click here and follow it from the start.)

So once you have your sales funnel in place you are ready to join SafeSwaps and get started (sign up here)

"safe swaps"

During a period of 90 days I have added an extra 10% to my list bringing another 6800+ subscribers to my mailing list which I am very happy about!

What you have to learn is to make sure you have the best sales funnel in place and then people will jump at the chance to join your newsletter.

Just think out of what you offer would you subscribe to your list?

I also thought that with SafeSwaps I may lose my usual 50-65% opt in rate but it stayed at a similar rate.

And I honestly thought it would end up costing me a fortune and here are the figures laid out for you to view:

SafeSwaps March 2013

Clicks Purchased = 2647

Clicks Delivered = 3080

Over Delivery = 433

Average Cost Per Click $0.27

Total Cost = $847.04

32 One Time Offer Purchases = $288

6 Upsell Sales at $97 = $582

29 Subscriber deals sold = $75

Total Income = $945

Total Profit = $97.96

New Subscribers = 1817 (59% optin rate)

SafeSwaps April 2013

Clicks Purchased = 3320

Clicks Delivered = 4173

Over Delivery = 853

Average Cost Per Click $0.26

Total Cost = $1095.60

59 One Time Offer Purchases = $531

11 Upsell Sales at $97 = $1067

60 Subscriber deals sold = $175

Total Income = $1773

Total Profit = $677.40

New Subscribers = 2628 (63% optin rate)

SafeSwaps May 2013

Clicks Purchased = 3211

Clicks Delivered = 3861

Over Delivery = 650

Average Cost Per Click $0.27

Total Cost = $1027.52

45 One Time Offer Purchases = $405

7 Upsell Sales at $97 = $679

34 Subscriber deals sold = $125

Total Income = $1209

Total Profit = $181.48

New Subscribers = 2393 (62% optin rate)

Total over 90 days:

Profit from SafeSwaps = $956.84

New Subscribers = 6838

The way I see SafeSwaps is that you should have a break even plan of action and any profit is a bonus. The secret behind my April solo adverts is simple:

I went back to those that I had successful solo advertising with in the past and tested which ones worked the most and went and repeated the system.

That’s why it’s so important that you experiment with it and see what works the best for you.

You will find some bad ones on there but there are more good than bad ones and here are a list of the ones that I have had the best results with:






So there are five Safe Swap members that have stood out for me and delivered excellent results that I would recommend. There are lots of others of course but these ones I will always remember.

At the end of the experiment I am still using Safe Swaps for my list building among other methods and must say I am a big fan.

I wish you all the success with your own list building and do let me know how you get on.

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