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"Safe Swaps Review"My Safe Swaps Review has taken me a long while to put together. After reading mixed reviews about how good Safe Swaps is for improving your list and increasing your passive income I often been on the fence about it.

One thing you do need to know first is that just because it says safe in the title doesn’t mean you are 100% safe with the transactions and that you will get the clicks that you have paid for and I learned this lesson very early on. And I can tell you it was quite a shock.

I remember buying a small amount of clicks from someone in France and he failed to deliver the clicks and I put in a PayPal claim but of course there is no refunds for non-tangible goods so I was on my own. The only option with SafeSwaps was to leave the person negative feedback so I felt as safe as I did all those years ago when a similar thing would happen on eBay.

When you see the word “safe” you think that it means something it doesn’t. Your safe swap partner is taking the cash directly into their PayPal account and Safe Swap is just providing a good tracking link.

So you will be surprised I am sure, to learn that I am still an active Safe Swap member and regularly use it to buy Safe Swaps.

However it is like being fed to the lions if you do not know what you are doing on there. It’s a tough place for you to waste a lot of money very quickly if you are not clued up on the site.

On the other hand if you know what you are doing it’s a brilliant place for list building and being able to view your clicks as they happen and having a friendly community to be part of is fantastic.

And as part of my Safe Swaps Review here are some tips that I would like to share with you:

Safe Swaps Review Tip #1 – List Hammering

Always see how often they complete Safe Swaps and ignore those that are constantly hammering their list because as a result they will have an unresponsive list. For example if you are going with someone that has 10 Safe Swaps a week and only has a 100 click list you are not going to get much back from it.

Safe Swaps Review Tip #2 – Cost Per Click

Cost doesn’t come into it at all. I had the worst ever result from someone that charged $60 per 100 clicks for what they called a buyers only list. I had actually had one of my best results from a list at $20 per 100 words.

Safe Swaps Review Tip #3 – Saturated Lists

Many of the Safe Swap lists have become saturated because they will constantly swap with each other and they are all have the same list because of this. So one of the best things to look for when you are choosing who to buy solo adverts from are those that have built their lists outside of Safe Swaps.

Safe Swaps Review Tip #4 – A Quick List

Buy five Safe Swaps and then get out of there. If you are looking to start your list and use Safe Swaps to do so, the best way to do this is to find three big list owners on there and then don’t bother with anymore.

That way what you can do is get one great list by helping yourself to the saturated lists. It’s all about going to the top and not been stuck buying off the sheep.

This is also great if you can’t be bothered to build a list because they are doing the work for you and then you can just get an email out with your link and then hey presto you have subscribers and can get sales.

Safe Swaps Review Tip #5 – Newbie Power

If you are in it for long term list building work your way through Safe Swaps is each week keep an eye on any new members and make sure you buy their Safe Swaps clicks that way you are getting fresh new clicks on a constant basis instead of chasing the saturated customers.

Safe Swaps Review Tip #6 – Buy Safely

Its important to remember you are NOT covered if the person does not deliver your clicks. Therefore don’t start by buying 1000 clicks from someone. Because if you did that at $40 per 100 clicks that would be $400 wasted.

Aim to start with a small amount so that you can test not only the quality of the list but also that your clicks are delivered.

Safe Swaps Review Tip #7 – How To Get Free Clicks

Another important thing to remember when you are buying clicks is that its very easy to get extra ones that you have not paid for. The idea is that at the most you buy 50% of the clicks they have available so if they can offer up to 200 you buy 100.

Then they have no control of exactly how many clicks that they will send your way and you will often end up with a lot more. In fact I have had up to 45% over delivery.

Safe Swaps Review Tip #8 – Remember To Ask Questions

Its always a great idea to ask a few questions to get a better understanding for the list that you are sending out a solo to. Ask them where their subscribers are from as you don’t want 1000 clicks from a third world country. Also the most important question of all is to ask how often they mail out to their list as this can determine the quality of the clicks you will get.

I also ask them where their clicks come from and how they have built their list so that I don’t just have a list over run with saturated subscribers.

Safe Swaps Review Tip #9 – What They Ask You

The ones that actually care about their lists are the ones you want to have solo adverts going out to. As those will not just put any rubbish out there and are more likely to convert much better.

Safe Swaps Review Tip #10 – Join Their List

This is probably very obvious but you should join their list and it will give you an idea of their target market, how they treat their list and whether they are professional or not.

There are lots more I could tell you but I don’t want you suffering from information over load and I am sure I will blog about it soon.

Though if you followed the tips above it will make a BIG difference between what you get out of your solo advertising. And the same rules could just as easily be applied to advertising outside of Safe Swaps.

I also believe Safe Swaps can be improved on. For example at one point they were not paying out for decent hosting and ended up with their site going down for a couple of days which looks very bad for business.

Secondly they should handle the payments as then monies can be released after a successful advert and then when people haven’t delivered clicks they would not got paid until they have!

Plus it drives me crazy when I am organising 25 ads in one week and I have to put separate payments in. It can take hours!

As a Safe Swap member though I am very happy to be a member and even though you may get a few bad experiences on a whole it’s a great place to get numbers on your mailing list.

And I would recommend it to anyone. You can sign up for a free account by clicking here.

"safe swaps"

And I hope you have as much success as I have with it. And I have also written a new post showing you all about my Safe Swaps Experiment and how to get 9000 subscribers in 90 days.

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