Report Finds Links Between Social Media And Psychotic Episodes

"social media psychotic episodes"A  report published in the Israel Journal of Psychiatry & Related Sciences has found that psychotic episodes are connected with the use of social media.

According to the new study by the Shalvata Mental Health Care Center and the Sacklet Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University has revealed that social media and psychotic episodes are linked.

The author of the paper Dr Ur Nitzan has said that although social media has been instrumental in connected different people across the world and being able to allow people to maintain long term relationships it also has a down side.

He believes that social media can be seen to pose a real threat to anyone who is considered to be either technologically naive, lonely or vulnerable.

In the study Dr Uri Nitzan looked at three different case studies using his patients.  Some of these patients were said to share very similar characteristics with them being considered to be especially vulnerable due to the loss or separation of a loved one, however none of the cases saw patients who suffered from any history of substance abuse or psychosis.

The research found that in each of the cases the patients suffered from psychotic episodes caused by communication through the internet.

The report found that the patients would use social media to initially find comfort from other people and this led to positive feelings but after some time these feelings turned to negative ones.

The doctor found that the patients then started to show psychotic symptoms including delusions about the online friends that they had and the relationships they were building.

All of the patients were given help  and have now fully recovered fro their experience but the study did highlight how anyone suffering from confidence issues could easily become the victims of online bullying because of their emotional state that they are in before they use social media.

According to the study it also found that people need to be able to be mature enough to understand the difference between a joke and when someone is being serious or this too could lead to problems for users who were found to exaggerate events on social media sites.

Now Dr Nitzan will be looking into a new study about negative behaviour that is conducted online.  He considers how people conduct themselves on social media sites to be a very important new factor that any psychiatrist should be examining when taking on a patient and assessing their case.


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