R Is For Rewards

"R Is For Rewards"Have you ever been enticed into purchasing something because you found that you would earn something in return for your purchase? I know that I have. Let’s face it; people are always looking for a good deal. They want to get something in addition to what it is that they are paying for. When you are offered something for free because you purchased something; this is called a reward. Businesses, both offline and online, use rewards as a means of boosting their sales, and at the end of the day, their income.

You may be thinking to yourself; ‘How can giving something away for free increase the amount of money that I make?’ I know that it may sound like this is a counterproductive strategy, but really, it is genius. Here’s an example for you. Let’s say that you were shopping at an expensive bath and body shop and you were on the fence about purchasing an expensive lotion. You may be more enticed to purchase that expensive lotion if you received, say, a free bar of soap or an tube of antibacterial hand sanitizer with it; wouldn’t you? This is called a reward. In this example, the free product likely cost the bath and body company peanuts compared to what the expensive lotion cost them, and at the end of the day, they will make a far greater return selling the expensive lotion while giving the less expensive product away for free.

Now, you can take such an approach and apply it to your Internet marketing business. There are several types of rewards that you can offer to your customers for purchasing one of your products and services; and at the end of the day, doing so can actually make you more money.

What are some things that you can give as rewards; you can give away a copy of a free eBook, a pack of PLR articles, a free backlink on your Web site, a mention of your clients business in your next blog post or Facebook post, and so on. These types of rewards will cost you very little, to no money at all, yet can be a big incentive to your customers. Whatever it is that you decide to have on offer for a reward, make sure that it is worth your customer’s while; in other words, make sure that it is something that they would be interested in, in order to make your rewards work for you.

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