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"Q Is For Quotes"If you have chosen to get involved in the Internet marketing industry, then you are obviously going to have products and services that you are going to be selling. The products and services that you are selling, will, of course, relate to the type of niche you are working in. You may decided to charge a set fee for some products and services that you offer, but for other products and services, you may not want to go with a set fee, and rather you may want to work with a fluctuating fee.

Why would you want to do this? Well, it’s really comes down to supply and demand. Let’s say that you are offering product or service that is popular one month, and you want to make sure that you are able to still sell that product or service, even though there is a lot of competition. By not setting a fee beforehand, you can alter the price to meet supply and demand and ensure that you still sell. On the other hand, if your products or services are in high demand the next month, you may want to be able to charge more for it. Again, a fluctuating fee allows you the freedom to increase the price.

Now, all of that being said, this is where quotes come into play. In order to determine what it is that you should charge your potential clients for your said products and services, you want to offer price quotes. If you have chosen to go with a fluctuating fee for your products and services, then you would want to indicate that on your Web site. You may include a snippet that says “contact us for a free quote.” In this case, people who are interested in using your services or purchasing your products would contact you and you would offer them a quote.
What should you base your quote on? Well, this really depends on you and your business needs. If you are in high demand, you may want to charge more, but if there is a lot of competition for what you are offering, then you may want to quote a lower fee to stay ahead of your competition.

Offering quotes as a means of charging your customers can be a beneficial tactic for the success of your business. Just keep in mind that if you opt for this route, you do want to offer quotes that are fair, and not take advantage of your clients, or sell yourself short.

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