Hello, and welcome to the DSM Publishing Publications page. Here is where you will find out all about the amazing ebooks that we offer. At DSM, we have created a great range of first class Internet marketing products that will help you set your online business up for success. Each of the products that we offer will absolutely have a great impact on the success of your online business – and you will notice the impact that these products have on a daily basis. What’s more, not only will these products help to make your business success, but they are simple to learn and easy to use; there’s no guess work involved and you don’t need a PHD to learn how to use them.

All of the products offered at DSM Publishing have been created with the needs of our clients in mind. We know Internet marketing and the products that we offer pertain to the areas of Internet marketing that we know will help skyrocket your success. Our products focus on the area of your business that we know will help to launch it into the spotlight.

There is no PLR products on this page and all ebooks have been personally written by Dominic & Samantha Milner.

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The Ultimate Graphics Pack

Product Details: With“The Ultimate Graphics Pack,” you will get an unbelievable amount of high quality royalty free images. In this graphics pack, you will find images that you can apply to any niche and use for any reason. From headers to payment options and everything in between, this graphics pack has got it all!

You will save yourself hours of time and boat loads of money with this amazing product. These graphics will make your website look professional and will grab the attention of your site visitors, allowing you to make more money. Don’t let this amazing product get away from you! For what you are getting at this price, it’s an absolute steal!

 Price: $7 one off payment with instant download.

Niche AttackNiche Attack

Product Details: With “Niche Attack,” you will learn how to quickly and easily set up a successful niche site.

With this powerful product, you will learn how you can set up niche market sites quickly and easily. You will find out some very powerful and proven tips and tricks that will allow you to run your very own niche site; and the best part it, you can do it all without having to worry about any hassle.

With this amazing information, you will even be given a head start on 10 niche sites that you are guaranteed to profit from. With this product, you are guaranteed to succeed in the niche market.

Price: $17 one off payment with instant download.

The Kindle Cash CowThe Kindle Cash Cow System

Product Details: Discover how you can turn one of the most popular e-readers – the Kindle – into a money making machine with “The Kindle Cash Cow System.”

This amazing product explores, in detail, how you can turn a minimal investment into publishing on Kindle into a huge revenue stream for you and your business. This eBook will teach you powerful tips and tricks that you can used to create your own Kindle products that will be sure to make you a ton of money, and the best part is that you will be able to do so in as little as one week!

With this powerful eBook, you will be able to discover the proven secrets behind making your own Kindle products that will boost your success and your income in no time. Why not take your business to the next level and invest in this eBook today?

Price: $7 one off payment with instant download.

Lost in the Social Media Jungle

box-300pxProduct Details: “Lost in the Social Media Jungle” is the only guide you will ever need to discover how to boost your income with social media. This guide is so comprehensive and so easy to follow that it will allow you to dominate the various social media platforms and skyrocket your success in no time.

This product truly is a comprehensive guide that will show you how to take advantage of the money making potential that the various social media platforms offer. This product uncovers everything you could ever want or need to know about social media. From learning what social networking is and how it works to how to effectively use the social networks to boost traffic to your business; you will learn everything – from soup to nuts – with this thorough guide.

With “Lost in the Social Media Jungle,” you will be able to unleash the power of social media for your business.

Price: $17 one off payment with instant download.

Google Plus Expert

ebook-mediumProduct Details: Boost your page ranking on Google and skyrocket your success with “Become a Google Plus Expert in 24 Hours.” With this is powerhouse guide, you will increase your page ranking on Google and increase your overall success in just 24 hours!

Social media is the wave of the future in Internet marketing – and that wave is here. Are you riding it yet? Of all of the social media platforms out there, Google Plus is one that you simply can’t overlook. Using this social media platform will increase your page rankings on the most powerful search engine – Google.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about making the absolute most of Google Plus. With this guide by your side, you will become a Google Plus expert in just 24 hours and take your business to new levels.

Price: $17 one off payment with instant download.

Become a Facebook Expert

ebook-medium (1)Product Details: With “Become a Facebook Expert in 24 Hours,” you will discover everything you need to know about taking advantage of the power that the most popular social media site has to offer for your business. This is the one and only guide to Facebook domination that you will ever need.

This guide is extremely easy to follow and the information found inside will allow you to truly tap into the money making potential that Facebook has to offer for your business. From why Facebook is so powerful to setting up an effective Facebook page for your business – and everything in between – you will truly discover everything you need to know about using Facebook for your business.

Use the power of socializing with Facebook as a marketing tool for your business. With “Become a Facebook Expert in 24 Hours,” you will learn exactly how to do just that.

Price: $17 one off payment with instant download.

Viral Traffic Explosion

binder-500Product Details: “Viral Traffic Explosion” is a completely comprehensive guide that will show you exactly how to boost the traffic to your website, increase the success of your business and enhance your overall success in no time.

In this guide, I reveal my secret code – the code that I use myself – for getting an unbelievable amount of traffic to any online business. This product will explain, in detail, how to get huge floods of traffic to your website, boost your conversions and increase your earnings and your overall success.

Every Internet marketer knows that traffic is vital to the success of on online business. With this guide, you will discover exactly how to get oodles and oodles of traffic directly to your website with ease. You won’t believe the powerful information that is unleashed in this guide.

Price: $17 one off payment with instant download.

The Affordable Internet Marketing Course

Product Details: With “The Affordable Internet Marketing Course,” we will teach you how to build a successful online business.

This fantastic 52 week course will show you over the next 12 months how to build a business from scratch and most importantly make it successful so that you are building a long term profitable business on the internet.

The Affordable Internet Marketing Coursae”comes complete with easy to follow instructions so that at the end of each module you can go off and do the practical side and build your business.

Price: $27.00 Per Month For 12 Months.