Post Panda: Will Your Business Survive The Next Google Update

"Post Panda: Will Your Business Survive The Next Google Update"The question of if your business will survive the next Google update is up to one person,you! If you are only interested in looking for short cuts and doing the least amount of work on your business then you will be in for a nasty surprise, even if it’s not in the next Google update it will becoming, believe you me.

I would advise anyone to begin to alter their online marketing plan from having lots of small websites to one or two authority type websites. These are not websites that you can simply set and forget but instead, websites that have content added on a regular basis.

To my mind. one of the main things to remember is that it is not all doom and gloom when it comes to the Google updates, in fact it is about as far away from doom and gloom as it is possible to get, for example, I have actually seen an increase in my online earnings so it seems that you will be rewarded if you take the steps to make your blog or website one of quality, what’s more than that is that it will stand out from the crowd and be something which will be worth a lot of money, just take a quick look at Flippa if you don’t believe me.

Also, if it is your intention to building a solid online business as opposed to one which is always at the mercy of Google, do yourself a big favour and avoid like the plague any tool which claims to spin content or get you hundreds of links at the click of the mouse.

If you do use these methods you might as well put a red light on your website which tells Google you are trying to cheat it because I can assure you that anything like this really does stand out a mile.

Keep it nice and simple, give the visitors to your blogs and websites exactly what it is they want, ie, interesting and helpful information, if you do this it is not only Google who will thank you for it but also your visitors who will keep on returning again and again.

So next time you read on the online forums that Google have decimated many more online businesses you will be able to breath a sigh of release knowing that you won’t have been affected.

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