Post Panda: Have You Survived

"Post Panda: Have You Survived"It would not be an exaggeration to say that many internet marketers have seen their online incomes drop because of the Google panda update and if you have survived or not would basically depend on the way that you carried out your business before the update was released.

It would be a fair bet to say that if your blogs and websites have survived it will have been because you made sure that quality and informative content was added on a regular basis. You didn’t try to exploit any so called loopholes and the experience was a good one for your visitors.

Now compare that scenario with someone who tried every trick in the book in order to make some quick money, you know what I am talking about, spun content which made no sense at all, lots of links from the link farms which tried to trick Google into thinking that the links came from sites of authority.

I know its all very well me saying that I told you so, but it really all boils down to nothing more than common sense. The thing that saddens me greatly though is that I have already seen lots of products and courses out there which claim to have discovered a loophole so that the panda update can be beaten. The guru’s who are selling these products will have splashed out for a highly paid copywriter to craft a letter which will convince people that everything will be OK and that they needn’t go down the route of actually doing things by the book.

What happens when the next Google update is released and people see their websites disappear from view, will they then start looking for the next magic button?

I have something to tell you which won’t cost you a penny and is worth more than all of these expensive courses and products put together, stick to adding good quality content to your blog or website and you will be will have protected your online business from any future updates and what’s more, you will be left with a highly profitable online business which will still be earning you money when all of these tricksters are wondering who else they can target with their false promises and misleading claims.

So do I have to tell you which route I would recommend that you take in your internet marketing business, no, I didn’t think so…

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