What Exactly are PLR Articles?

"What Exactly are PLR Articles? "I have been talking so much about PLR products and I have been so excited about the PLR products that I am now offering that I realized that I didn’t actually stop and take the time to really discuss just exactly what PLR articles are.

Being that I have been in the Internet marketing industry for so long, sometimes I forget that others haven’t been in it as long as I have and don’t know the ins and outs of the business. For you newbies out there, you may be wondering just exactly what PLR articles are. That being said, I want to take a moment to discuss with you just exactly what they are.

PLR, as you have probably already read, stands for private label rights. Private label rights articles are composed by ghostwriters who don’t lay any claim to the articles that they are composing; they write the articles and give over all credit to the person who purchases them. In other words, private label rights is a type of license associated with these articles in which the purchaser is legally allowed to alter and edit the articles in any way and then publish them as if they have created them on their own.

So, now that you have an understanding of what PLR articles are, you may be wondering how you use them. Once you purchase these articles, you will receive them, typically as a plain text file. Once you receive this file, you can then edit the articles any way that you see fit. You can change the title, you can erase bits and pieces, you can add information, you can even assign your name to the article as the author; or, you can opt to leave the articles alone and use them as is (though I highly suggest that you edit them to make them unique and specific to your business.)

Once you modify the articles in whichever way you wish, you can then upload them and use them any way you like. You can load them as content to your blog or website, send them out as emails, use bits of them as status updates on your social media profiles and so forth.

Why are PLR articles so useful? Well, as you can imagine, they can help you save a great deal of time. Since the content is already written, all you have to do is edit them to your needs and use them as you see fit. When you use PLR articles, you won’t need to create the content from scratch, which can really help to cut down on time, or, allow you to devote more time to the more complex aspects of your business.

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