Top 10 Unrestricted PLR Ebook Packages

"Top 10 Unrestricted PLR Ebook Packages"I have been having a clear out and putting together my favourite PLR packages and then getting rid of some that I no longer need anymore. And before I knew it I had put my favourite 10 in a folder together and I could name all the times I had used the content either as articles or as an all in one package to sell to my newsletter subscribers.

When I am looking for private label rights ebooks I must spend hours and hours looking as there is a lack of options available when you want nice graphics, a sales letter, an ebook and of course unrestricted PLR.

Top 10 Unrestricted PLR Ebook Packages

So after many requests from you (my blog readers) I have put my top 10 together for you. There are some really good gems here so I hope you enjoy them:

#1 – PLR Profit Machine

"PLR Profit Machine"PLR Profit Machine is my best seller. And do you know why?

Because it shows people how to use private label rights and many people fail to get the profit margins that they need from the sale of their PLR.

You can actually take this rule to any niche “how to” sells.

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#2 – The Beginners Guide To Targeted Traffic

"Beginners Guide To Targeted Traffic"Everybody needs traffic. No traffic = no sales and we all need sales or affiliate commissions to make a profit.

Just look on the internet marketing forums and you will find that 65% of all new threads involve traffic in some way or another.

I love this as this PLR package is an all round guide to building targeted traffic.

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#3 – Local Internet Marketing Guru

"Local Internet Marketing Guru"My websites that have been the easiest and fastest to make a profit from have all been local businesses.

One of the main reasons why this works is that you are only competing with your local town or city compared to the whole of the world.

This will walk you through the whole local market niche.

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#4 – The App Guru

"App Guru"If you want to make money right now then the app market is absolutely huge.

Just think of all the websites you view on your mobile devices and how awful so many sites look.

These are all websites and blogs that need you to sell them app information products.

Just think about it and the potential that is available to you.

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#5 – The Lazy Marketers Guide To Making Money On The Kindle

"Making Money On Kindle"The Kindle is another huge niche right now and one that I am personally involved in and ABSOLUTELY LOVE.

Gone are the days when eBay used to hide away your ebooks in “everything else” and here is Amazon shouting from the roof tops about all these amazing ebooks.

Imagine if Amazon promotes your ebook!

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#6 – The Newbies Guide To Video Marketing Genius

"Video Marketing Genius"If you are wanting lots of traffic to your website why not video marketing?

I am loving how a simple video can bring you thousands of visitors to your website and then to continue bringing you traffic long into the future.

People want a helping hand and this PLR package can do this for you.

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#7 – The Lazy Marketers Guide To Making Money Online

"Making Money Online"You just have to do a search on Wordtracker to see the huge amounts of people that search for keywords such as “make money online”.

This is the perfect package because it taps straight into the niche and gives you something to sell among a niche of hungry buyers.

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#8 – The Lazy Marketers Guide To Making Money Hobby Blogging

"Making Money Hobby Blogging"This option has been around for years but it has only really been in the last 12 months when it has been talked about.

I love to blog about my hobby. You never run out of material and there is zero research and its so much fun.

I have blogged about holidays abroad and my love for the movies many times. The big question you need to ask yourself is what are you going to blog about?

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#9 – Newbies Guide To Setting Up A Membership Site

"Setting Up A Membership Site"I love recurring income and who wouldn’t? It provides you with a long term income from a sale that you only secured the once.

Now when you are building a recurring income there is often a big need for a membership page and this PLR package takes you through setting one up.

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#10 – 101 Ways To Make Money Online

"101 Ways To Make Money Online"

Now this is the latest PLR package (at the time of writing this) and takes you through thed process of making money online with four ebooks each showing you 101 ways to acomplish a certain marketing type.

But that’s not what is great about this. What is great is that this is your ultimate PLR sales funnel package with autoresponder emails, sales funnel pages and basically everything you need to send your PLR product live.

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Access All My Unrestricted PLR Packages

You can download all of the above plus all my other private label rights products for a one off price by clicking here. And if you like you can also have unlimited updates! My PLR packages (like the ones above) all come with unrestricted private label rights so you wont get to the point of downloading them and then see a horrible personal use only licence within the product.

And let me know how you get on with your private label rights.

avatar About the author: PLR With Sam at DSM Publishing is owned and operated by husband and wife team Dominic & Samantha Milner. They are also the founder and editor of PLR With Sam and the author of PLR Cheat Sheet.   Learn more about them here and connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

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