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Dear Aspiring Internet Marketer..

Check out this 'foreign' language:

Marketer A : Hey dude! I've got a great offer do you want to J.V ? We could Ad-swap, I'll add an OTO and you can put something up for the Back End Offer, how's that sound ? 

Marketer B : Cool, how big is your list? It's not a co-reg one is it ? What's your usual conversion rate? Have you got a landing page I can look at? Or a “give away” to sweeten em up as a pre-sell?

Marketer A : Sure no worries, I've got the Freebie and the squeeze page almost finished, and when they try to leave we can exit pop them as well.

Marketer B : Sweet, we can get others on board and have some of the best affiliates out there promoting we'll need to set up a JV leader board we can do a promo and some PPC etc.

It's not a foreign language of course - it's the jargon that professional internet marketers use every day to communicate their ideas, requests, specifications and instructions, and trust me...

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Even when you finally manage to pull off that JV deal, you're still at ground level. Congratulations on doing the work of course, but this is only the beginning.

When some pro marketer finally sees the value of your product and agrees to promote your product to his list of 50,000 people.

You stand to make a serious profit from this.
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But only if you can understand the language!

Don't underestimate how powerful understanding the 'lingo' is.

If you're on a Skype call with your new JV partner, a pro marketer, he's NOT going to want to stop every two minutes as you ask 'What's an OTO'? or 'what does PPC stand for'?

He'll cut you dead in the water and move on to work with someone he doesn't need to tutor at the same time!

Also not understanding the correct industry jargon marks you out as a newbie every time.

A key part of success in internet marketing is about instilling confidence - in your customers and your business partners.

Imagine a rock musician who didn't know what a 'gig' was, or a chef who couldn't make a basic 'roux'. You just wouldn't see them as a professional.

As a customer you wouldn't want to buy from them and as a potential business partner you'd be doubtful of their experience.

BUT put the boot on the other foot for a moment....

Think about how people react to you when they think you have some 'inside' knowledge of a particular subject.

Car salesmen act more respectfully towards you if you can talk about torque, revs and horsepower.

And computer salesmen act differently when you can hold your own in conversations about 'RAM', ''ROM' and processor speeds.

Whether you're dealing with customers, JV partners, outsourcers, techies, copywriters, ghosties or whatever, if you UNDERSTAND what they mean, and in return can show that YOU understand them, you're already halfway to your desired income.

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But how do you manage to learn all this jargon, terminology and 'industry shorthand' in a short amount of time?


From Autoresponder to WYSIWYG 'Speaking Guru in 24 hours' will give you the advantage you need, and fast track you into the internet marketing 'jargon underworld' faster than you ever thought possible.

We've included pretty much everything you would ever need to know in terms of 'speaking guru'

If you want to get your internet marketing career moving but can't spend a year learning the terminology, this could be the best investment you've made in a long time!

Grab your copy now and give yourself a distinct advantage over your competitors. 

For only $7

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Don't forget you can also use your new found expertise to brand yourself as an expert in your particular field by just dropping a few bits of jargon into your blog or newsletter, then taking the time to explain what this means to your readers.

Don't delay

Best wishes,


PLR with Sam

P.S. Remember while you're thinking about this, your competitors are already learning the language of online profits!

P.P.S. Don't forget how easy this will make posting in forums, discussing internet marketing in newsgroups and communicating with your subscribers!

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