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Creating and publishing a website is no longer a mysterious, cryptic task that is reserved only for computer geeks. 

Nowadays anyone wanting a piece of the virtual pie can easily sign up for a free blog in about five minutes. 

In addition, there are lots of free WYSIWYG editors available that make creating a beautiful, interactive website a very simple drag & drop process.

In short - putting up a blog or website is now the EASY part.

So what exactly IS S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) ?

SEO can be defined as the process of driving traffic to your website organically (unpaid) from the search engines.

That's the technical bit over with.

All you REALLY need to know is that there are two kinds of people in the online marketing world:

1. Those who know the SEO shortcuts and how to use them

2. Those who DON'T

Your online business requires a lot of work.

Chances are you have to be accountant, CEO, marketing manager, sales director, affiliate team leader and a dozen other different roles all at the same time.

Time is your biggest enemy.

But SEO is VITAL to your business.

It can mean the difference between success and failure - it's THAT important.

SEO Beginner to Guru

But when you're just starting your internet business the chances are that you don't have the time to study and undertake your own SEO or the money to outsource the task to experts.

So what do you do?

Well quite honestly, up until very recently you would just struggle along, doing what little SEO you could and hoping for the best.

But now things have changed - and the playing field has been levelled!


SEO Beginner to Guru ebook
You'll discover:

blue checkmark
SEO shortcuts for your business in EASY to understand language

blue checkmarkWhat parts of SEO matter and what just aren't worth the effort

blue checkmarkHow to make sure your content is relevant to the keyword phrases being searched

blue checkmarkHow to optimize your website with keywords and linking structures

blue checkmarkHow to build powerful inbound links to your website from others in your niche

blue checkmarkThe onsite optimization methods that really work

blue checkmarkHow the search engines work and what they're looking for 

blue checkmarkhow meta tags can seriously boost your SEO

blue checkmarkWhat permalinks do and how they can work for your business

blue checkmarkWhy sitemaps are vitally important

blue checkmarkThe truth about 'titles'

blue checkmarkWhat is a 'Pinglist'

blue checkmarkVital wordpress plugins that can make SEO quicker and easier by FAR

blue checkmarkOff site optimization techniques

blue checkmarkand much much more...

unrestricted private label rights

Quite honestly if you're serious about your online business you can't afford to be without 'SEO beginners to guru'

And for a limited period of time you can get it for this extremely special price!


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It will give you all the skills you need to undertake your own SEO and optimize your own sites in a very short time.

No expensive outsourcing, and no time consuming methods.

You NEED SEO techniques applied to your sites and blogs.

To your online success


PLR with Sam

P.S. Without SEO your sites could get lost in the search engines forever

P.S.S. 'SEO Beginner To Guru' will reveal all the SEO 'secrets' that can makes the difference between success and failure online!

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