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A Step-by-Step Guide to Optimizing Your Brand's Google+ Page


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Google Plus offers unique business opportunities available nowhere else. Your customers as well as your competitors are already using this platform. If you're not there, you're losing business. From increased brand exposure to local business listings and better SEO results, Google Plus has huge benefits for your marketing campaign.


Just think for a moment...This social network is the brainchild of the world’s most popular search engine. You simply can't afford to ignore Google Plus when it comes to promoting your business.


Google Plus has a unique mix of features that every business owner should take advantage of. Profile pages follow Facebook Timeline organization. The multi-column feed comes from Pinterest, while the live GIF displays are similar to those from Tumblr.


As you see, Google Plus has taken the best features from the most popular social networks out there. You can use it to claim authorship of your content, promote your business locally, connect with your prospects, and receive feedback about your services.


Did you know that Google Plus influences your search engine rankings? That's right. Stay active on this social network and you might get on the first page in search results. You will also have access to free marketing tools that will help promote and grow your online business.


So, if you want to harness the power of Google+ and take your business to a whole new level, then you're in the right place.



Google+ Domination


Find out why you should be on Google+ and how to maximize your social marketing efforts! Google+ Domination will show how to grow your business and get loyal fans using one of the world’s largest social networks.


  • Discover why every business should be on Google+

  • Find out how to increase your SEO with Google+

  • How Google+ can boost your online marketing campaign

  • Tips for setting up a business page

  • Learn about Google+ Hangouts and online communities

  • Discover Google+ management tools

  • Explore the most effective Google Plus promotion strategies

  • Find out what a spark is and how it works

  • Learn to create social circles

  • What kind of information to share for maximum impact

  • How to build and engage your audience

  • How to get traffic and links from Google Plus


This guide features proven marketing techniques for using Google Plus. It will teach you how to build your own community, keep your fans engaged, and generate leads.


Google+ Domination explains what hangouts are and how to use them for connecting with your prospects and generate sales. You will also learn about the social reports available for businesses and brands.



Is there a reason why you're not on Google+ yet? Get a copy of Google+ Domination and follow the tips provided to improve your visibility online!


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