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Revealed! - "The Top Tips Used By Professional Ghostwriters To Break Into Full-Time Freelancing"

From PLR with Sam

DSM Publishing Samantha Milner

Sounds like a dream?

You have your own home-office, all kitted out with computer, printer, fax machine and all the latest technology.

You sink into your executive style leather chair at 10am while other people have already been at the office for an hour and a half, coffee in hand and check your email.


You've been paid for the ebook you completed yesterday and your Paypal account is showing a healthy balance. 

Two more commissions come through as you sit there - one for a series of five short articles, and one for some web content. All together this should net you a cool $600 and take a few days work including research.

You stretch your legs and reflect on how great it is working from home and wonder why you hadn't made the move from 9-5 employee to freelance ghostwriter years ago...

Well It Doesn't Need To Be A Dream - The Internet Can Become Your Marketplace, Payment Processing Center And Research Tool Quicker Than You Can Say 'Fire Your Boss'

All you need is a laptop or PC and an internet connection and you can make the first steps to becoming a full-time freelancer. 

There's a HUGE demand for well written content at the moment, and it will continue to rise year after year. Internet Marketers are too busy marketing to write their own material and quality ghostwriters and freelancers are paid extremely well to provide well written and punctual work.

You can jump on this band wagon and either enjoy extra income from your writing or decide to go full-time online and actually quit your day job.

Really it IS up to you. Ghostwriting is a skill that can be, for the most part, learned. If you enjoy writing and are able to use the internet as a research tool then you really can make a living online as a freelancer with a little work.

Even better - if you actively enjoy writing or do it in your spare time, you can start to make a living from your hobby. In pre-internet days, making a living as a writer was incredibly hard, but as I said before, with the HUGE demand for original content that now abounds the whole of the net, it's a good time - actually scratch that - it's the BEST time there's every been to go full-time online as a freelancer.

Of course the hardest part is getting started. Switch on your computer and log onto Google - but where do you go from there?

Where do you find work, how do you get your name out there, how much do you charge etc

Not an easy task.

Until now.


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Ghosting Riches can show you exactly how to get started as a freelance ghostwriter online (we even cover some tips for coders and web designers). 

We show you the top tips used by professional ghostwriters to break into the industry and carve out their own slice of work at home pie.

We'll even show you where to go to get work.

Ghosting Riches is exactly what you need if you've ever thought about trying to make money as a writer online but haven't known where to start. We'll show you exactly how to get going - what you must do, and what you must never do.

We'll show you:

Ghosting Riches Gray CheckmarkThe first things you need to do to start up as a freelancer

Ghosting Riches Gray CheckmarkWhere to go to find work

Ghosting Riches Gray CheckmarkHow to get people to trust you even if they've never heard of you before

Ghosting Riches Gray CheckmarkPricing structure - how it works and the fatal mistakes most newcomers make

Ghosting Riches Gray CheckmarkHow to get free advertising

Ghosting Riches Gray CheckmarkThe sites where you can go to find work

Ghosting Riches Gray CheckmarkWhy you MUST offer samples of your work and how to go about it even if you haven't written a single piece

Ghosting Riches Gray CheckmarkHow to set up your business website even if you don't know how to build one

Ghosting Riches Gray Checkmarkwhat it MUST include, and why

Ghosting Riches Gray CheckmarkWhat potential clients are looking for and how to supply it

Ghosting Riches Gray CheckmarkHow to climb to the top of the pile over all your competition

Ghosting Riches Gray Checkmarkand much more

If you're seriously thinking about carving out an online career as a freelancer or ghostwriter, then you can save yourself days of legwork by grabbing Ghosting Riches right now.

For just $7

Ghosting Riches Order

Top tips from professional ghostwriters and freelancers - all just waiting to give you a leg up on the ladder to online success.

Extra money?

Quitting your job?

It's up to you. If there's something about making your living from home as a writer that grabs you then you'd better grab this book. It's instantly downloadable even if it's 2am on a Saturday night.

Start your online writing career now.

Best wishes

PLR with Sam

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