Did You Know That The Truth About Different Ways To Make Money Online Is Staring You Right In The Face?

In Fact It's Jumping Up And Down, Yelling Your Name And Waving Right At This Very Moment...

But you can see it because you're too busy looking for 'the secret'

Well I'm offering you the 'realest' of real secrets here and now. I'm going to show you how to make money on the Internet.

From the Desk of: PLR With Sam,

DSM Publishing Samantha Milner

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

It seems that certain Internet Marketing Gurus make sure that they over complicate and mystify certain parts of making money online to make it much more complex so that they can sell their over priced Ebooks to you.

Well now that will be a thing of the past....

I am going to show you hundreds and hundreds of methods of generating an income on the internet. Real income that you can start from today.

Well actually I am going to provide you with no less than 4 ebooks each with a theme and each providing you with 101 ways to make money online.

Well actually I am going to provide you with no less than 4 ebooks each with a theme and each providing you with 101 ways to make money online.

"Best of all these are real methods that even an idiot could follow.

All you need to be able to follow these different ways to make money online is an internet connection, a few hours a week to put into your business and a laptop or computer!

Don't feel you need a high budget either as the majority of the methods are free to complete"

Don't think that you need a degree in internet marketing because you don't!

You can then go on and repeat the process as many times as you want, quit your job and enjoy a new life making money online!

"101 Ways To Make Money Online Collection"

Ebook #1: 101 Ways To Make Money Online With Income Streams

With this first ebook we show you how we personally make money online with multiple income streams.

We concentrate on having lots of eggs in the basket and having money coming in from multiple sources.

If you have a blog and it is just making money from Adsense then this particular ebook is perfect for you as it will show you 101 ways for you to bring income into your site.

There is so many ways to make money out of a site that this will have you with a wealth of ideas ready for you to put into action.

Ebook #2: 101 Ways To Make Money Online With Upsell Marketing

The second ebook in the series is all about upsell marketing and how to make it work without looking obvious.

That is the main secret to upsell marketing people shouldn't feel like they have been part of an upsell!

If you are making sales but not selling anything else to the customers then this is where you are going wrong.

Whether it is adding a new upsell to new members of your blog or upgrading your download page then these methods will work wonders for your make money online efforts.

Ebook #3: 101 Ways To Make Money Online With SEO

I am sure you don't need an introduction to SEO!

After all it has been around long enough now hasn't it?

Without traffic to your site you are not going to make any money at all. So SEO is a great way to bring the traffic into your site.

With this ebook we will show you 101 totally different ways to build amazing sites with SEO.

Ever wondered which ones work and which don't? Well this ebook covers the best of the best and through just implementing a couple of these methods you can have first page SEO results on Google.


Ebook #4: 101 Ways To Make Money Online With Blog Commenting

Our final ebook is all about blog commenting and how it can increase your traffic to your site.

We also cover how to blog comment in great detail. So if you have ever been nervous about blog commenting or had your comments rejected this will walk you through how to comment and how to make the best comments.

It also makes you think about how good blog commenting is for SEO and for building up a traffic base.

There are a lot of high profile blogs on the internet and if you get a lot of replies to your blog comment imagine how much traffic you could have!

I'm offering to show you how to create that online income that you have always dreamt about. The methods that will literally get you out there earning money on the internet while everyone else chases another guru product that you know in your heart will fail. Just because they are the products you used to chase after until you realised there was a much better deal out there for you.

Sounds a bit too good to be true?

It's not - I do it all the time and it's absolutely stunning. I don't have to worry about the bailiffs coming knocking at my door or where or not I will meet this months mortgage repayments. I have more stability working for myself than I ever did working for an employer!

I have studied every single one of the methods in this package and in my opinion this is the cheapest and best ways to make money online.

Plus there is more ways to make money online in this package than what you will have time to put into practice. So do what I do - find the ones that you love the most and stick with those. As after all making money online should be fun! You shouldn't have to do things you don't like doing when there is so much choice!

I have used what is written in these ebooks for years and I earn money from a wide range of these options every single week.

Case Study

In the first ebook based on income streams we show you how instead of accepting free guest posts on your site you take paid ones.

You are getting free content from someone else and they are paying YOU for their content on your site.

It also shows you how through this one income stream you can earn triple what you would charge for a 30 day banner advert.

The case study above is just one example of how you can make extra money from your website without having to spend more money on achieving it.

"It makes you realise that making money online is easy and fun and that you don't have to spend a fortune to make a fortune."

It's one of the cornerstones of my business and I too thought everyone did this. It wasn't until I told someone else about how many different ways that I make money on the internet that I realized this wasn't true at all. They were amazed with the system and I was amazed they didn't know about it.

I thought the majority of the methods that I use were common knowledge and was amazed when I chatted among fellow internet marketers how very few of them knew about their existence.

In fact the only way to know whether someone uses this method is to look at their business. If they make money online then they almost certainly do.

This is a selection of 4 ebooks all with 101 ways to make money online based on their topics.

This is the first time I've ever published this information and although I have read about it in the past I have seen that marketers leave the best income streams out as they don't want to share them! So you have in uncensored for the first time ever!

I'm not offering earth-shattering here (although to me anything that enables me to earn money using my PC is more than earth-shattering), but I AM offering you a system that works if you'll put a little work into it.

If you're disillusioned about your online business then this could be the biggest thing you've come across this year, because seeing the first few drops of income plopping into your bank account can open the floodgate to a life of wealth and a way of escaping your 9-5, if that's what you want

I'll sum it up like this:

I remember waiting for the bus to work - getting up each cold and dark morning and feeling like someone was robbing me of a day of my life. My irreplaceable life.

This went on for years, as it does with most people.

Until one day a tiny little spark - a little money - dropped into my account. I tried the same method to make sure it wasn't a fluke. The same happened again. And again.

Once I proved to myself that I could make just a small tiny amount of money on a regular basis using a certain process I knew I could replicate it and never get on the bus to work again.

"Thanks To That Process I Found That One Year Later I Could Have BOUGHT The Bus."

I just needed that little spark of hope. I think this system could be your spark.

Even Better PLR Is Also Included:

PLR Package Item # 1

30 Follow Up Aweber Sequence

When you purchase this package today, you will receive instant access to a 30 piece follow up sequence
that have NEVER gone on 'general release' on the internet (worth $500)

This is a fantastic piece of kit and I normally charge $500 a time to private clients for this. And its all set up with what to send out when and affiliate links that just need your Clickbank ID in them.

It is also very good if you are not good with email marketing and need a little help.


PLR Package Item #2

60% Converting Squeeze page

Another key part of this PLR package is instant access to a fantastic squeeze page complete with graphics (worth $150)

This is one of my tried and tested squeeze pages and converted for me with Safe Swaps at the level of 62%. Now coaching clients pay me to do this for them!


PLR Package Item #3

Affiliate Page Included

You will have your very own affiliate page in order to get affiliates promoting your product that have NEVER gone on 'general release' on the internet (worth $250)

This also comes with a selection of banners and ecovers so that you don't have to pay to get these made for you.


PLR Package Item #4

Fantastic Ebook Collection

This package also included the four ebooks mentioned above in PLR format. That means you can sign your name to the product and take full credit for the work (worth $3000)

Imagine getting four long ebooks written from scratch and how much time and money this will cost. It has even got all the images in the ebooks ready and affiliate link sections so you can literally add the payment link to the sales page and be done.


PLR Package Item #5

Converting Sales Letter

When you purchase this PLR Package today, you will receive instant access to my high converting sales letter that has personally been written by me. (worth $500)

This is a fantastic sales letter and gives you the option to make the most sales out of all the visitors to your website.


PLR Package Item #6

Unrestricted PLR Licence

DSM Publishing specialise in completely unrestricted private label rights (PLR) licences so you can do whatever you like with it. Including putting your name to it, making a profit selling private label rights and so on.

Just think of the income potential that you have with this great product!


PLR Package Item #7

PLR Sales Funnel Cheat Sheet

When you purchase this package today, you will receive instant access to PLR Sales Funnel Cheat Sheet that has NEVER gone on 'general release' on the internet until this month (worth $97)

In this fantastic ebook it gives you step by step instructions that are easy to follow and digest so that you can have your own PLR product fully set up with its own sales funnel and approved on Clickbank as soon as possible. Very handy if you are new to the whole sales funnel strategy.


PLR Package Item #8

PLR Graphics

All the graphics that you possibly need for your product are included (worth $282)

This includes all the PSD files, banners, minisites, ecovers and much, much more. There is just so many of them included that you can get started with your PLR package today without the expense of paying out for graphics.

On an average ebook launch it is very easy to end up spending hundreds on your graphics and this takes all the pressure off for you.

And here is your chance to jump onboard for the amazing price of JUST $9.00

What will you do?

Is it finally time to change your life for the better and finally find those perfect ways to make money online?

Thanks for reading

DSM Publishing Samantha Milner

Samantha Milner

P.S: This powerful system really WILL change your life – for the BETTER!

P.S.S: When you put these tactics into play, you will start raking in the cash in no time – so get ready to start making some serious cash!

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