How to Promote Your PLR eBook for Free

"promote your plr ebook"Now that you’ve found a good PLR eBook, you probably want to know how to promote it and make money online. With so many advertising options, it can be confusing for a marketer to pick the best ones. Advertising PLR eBooks is no different than promoting traditional books. There are thousands of blogs, chat rooms, message boards, and websites dedicated to marketing your eBook. All you have to do is to figure out which works best.

Here are a few simple ways to promote your PLR eBook for free:

Write a Review and Post It on Your Site

The easiest way to promote PLR eBooks is to write reviews and post them on your site or blog along with a link. Whether you’re selling someone else’s book or your own PLR eBook, consider writing about it on your website. You can either create a site from scratch or use your current website. Build your list and create anticipation. Having a site makes you and your eBook much easier to find when someone searches online for information related to your niche.

Use the Power of Social Media

Social media has become a very popular way to promote PLR eBooks and other digital products. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social networks allow users to share information and engage in conversations. Let people know about your products. Create a Facebook fan page for your PLR eBook, post short chapters, and link to reviews.

Create Engaging Videos

Make a video about your eBook and post it on YouTube. Include relevant keywords in the description. Give people a reason to buy your eBooks. Let them know what makes your products valuable. Are they offering a unique solution to their problems? Do they contain tips and advice that can’t be found anywhere else? Is your book a reliable source of information?

Give Away a Chapter

Giving away the first chapter is a great way to spark interest and sales. Allow readers to download up to three chapters of your PLR eBook. When they pay you, send them a code that unlocks the rest of the book. The eBook market is oversaturated with poor quality products. By allowing readers to download the first chapters of your book, you can gain their trust and increase sales. You may also include a few customer reviews in your sample. Don’t forget to mention that your PLR eBook comes with unrestricted private label rights.

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