Creating a Killer Sales Funnel with PLR Products

"sales funnel"As an Internet marketer, you are probably familiar with the different sales funnel tactics that are out there. In fact, you have probably used one of the most commonly used sales funnel tactics out there; offering to give something away for free in return for a prospective client’s email address, which will then prompt more one time offers that are related to the item that is being given away for free.

This type of sales funnel tactic has been proven to be highly effective for so many Internet marketers. However, many marketers who use this sales funnel approach are missing one of the key elements that is needed to have real success with this tactic; giving away a free product and offering one time offers that correlate with one another. When using products that relate to one another, the conversion rate for the giving something away for an email address and then offering one time offers tends to be higher. Why? Well, because when the products are related to one another, the people who are going on the sales funnel trip will be more likely to purchase the one time offers because they will be able to use them hand-in-hand with the free product.

So, all of that being said, how do you go about using PLR products to create a killer sales funnel that will translate to higher conversions for you? Here are some guidelines to follow:

Start with your one time offers. If the OTO (one time offer) that you are presenting is a PLR product, make sure that it is of the highest quality. Offering a product that is of low quality will only deter your prospective clients from ever purchasing from you again.

Decide what to give away. Select the PLR product that you are going to give away in order to entice your prospective clients to sign up with you. Again, this product should be of very high quality, and it should also be something that will entice your prospects, making them really want to sign up with you. For example, if you are in the Internet marketing niche, a PLR product to give away may be something relating to how to quickly and easily make money online.

Coordinate your products. Make sure that the OTO and the free product coordinate. In the given example of a free product relating to making money online, link OTO’s that also relate to making money online so that your prospects will be more likely to purchase them.

PLR products are excellent tools for sales funnels that every Internet marketer should have in their arsenal. With these tips, you can create a killer sales funnel that will translate to killer conversions.


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