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My name is Samantha Milner and I am a successful online marketer who has been working online full time since the beginning of 2005. Though prior to this I have worked in direct mail from the spring of 2000 around the time when I met my husband. I am based in the sunny skies of the Algarve in Southern Portugal.

Due to the flexible hours available with internet marketing I was able to move with my family from Yorkshire in England to sunnier climates with a much slower pace of life. Which I adore doing and I have been earning a six figure income online since the summer of 2006.

I offer a wide selection of internet marketing products both to the newcomer and right through to several online gurus. I also tutor several online marketers to help them break into internet marketing so that they can have the financial security that they deserve. I also manage websites for many online businesses.

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Samantha Milner