March 2013

Discover how to become an Expert Copywriter with “The Copywriting Masterclass” thumbnail

When it comes to buying products online, people are enticed and convinced to do so by two things: The first is by the picture that is associated with the product and the second is the description that accompanies the product. What does this mean to you, as an Internet marketer? It means that you have […] Read More

The Best PLR eBooks

The Best PLR eBooks thumbnail

When it comes to the Internet marketing industry, there are many things tools that can be used in order to be a success in the business. Of these many tools, PLR eBooks are among some of the most useful. Why? Because PLR eBooks can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used […] Read More

Creating a Killer Sales Funnel with PLR Products thumbnail

As an Internet marketer, you are probably familiar with the different sales funnel tactics that are out there. In fact, you have probably used one of the most commonly used sales funnel tactics out there; offering to give something away for free in return for a prospective client's email address, which will then prompt more […] Read More

Becoming a Blogging Guru with the ‘Newbies Guide to Blogging for Profit’ thumbnail

You have likely heard of the word 'blog' before - and in fact, you are reading one right now! A blog - or a web log, as they are more formally known as - is a basically an online journal through which the author shares information that they think is pertinent based on a specific […] Read More