Pinterest Welcomes In Paid Adverts


Pinterest may be the new kid on the block when it comes to social media giants but the company has grown enormously in the past couple of years to become a craze in itself.  Not content with taking the web by storm, Pinterest are now looking to revolutionise the world of online advertising and are now taking on paid advertisers to their site.

It is hard to believe that Pinterest is only four years old and that there was once a time when we didn’t create online scrap books filled with lovely things and pictures of places we want to visit and all the things we love about Pinterest are being moved into the world of adverts on the site.

Instead of following the classic buy here or click here models used by everyone on the web for decades now, Pinterest instead wants advertisers to be as creative as the people who love Pinterest.

The plan for advertisers is to start with a group of selected marketers who will be able to have promoted pins on the site with the aim being for advertisers to embrace the ethos of Pinterest if they want to be noticed from the crowd.

it will be no good creating a pin that has poor graphics or no design element because on Pinterest the emphasis really is on the visual and the aim would be to come up with a pin that everyone wants to add to their own boards.

So far Pinterest have declined to let anyone know just how much it is going to cost to have your own promoted pin on the site, when the adverts will start to make an appearance or even who the first companies to be able to have a coveted promoted pin label will be.

Pinterest has already succeeded where other social media companies have failed in being able to convert clicks into real cash for companies.  This is a site where companies can pin pictures of products with links to where you can then buy them from and they can see real results unlike other social media platforms where more traditional forms of advertising are needed to engage users.

The success of the company is reflected in its valuation of nearly four billion dollars, despite the company not actually making any money itself until now.

Social media users have been notoriously scathing of paid advertising on networks so Pinterest will have to tread carefully if they do not want to lose  any precious users while moving towards paid advertising in the future, however if the company manages to get it right this could mean a big pay day is finally coming to the door of Pinterest.

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