Pinterest Upgrades Mobile App For Users

"pinterest update news"Pinterest have revamped their mobile app to allow users a smoother experience while accessing the social media site from their mobile devices.

This is no ordinary update of software according to Pinterest it is a “complete rewrite and redesign” of the mobile app and is intended to allow more integration of the features found on the desktop version, now on mobile devices.

While upgrading software on apps is something that many companies and sites are investing in, for Pinterest the need to ensure that the mobile app from the company was a user friendly as possible was very important because now it is estimated that a total of 75 percent of all the users accessing the social media site are coming through mobile devices.

Although it is not known if the majority of Pinterest users accessing the site through their mobile device are using Android, iOS or other platforms, what is certain is that this is a very important sector of business for the company and if they are to capitalise on this then the mobile app needs to be every bit as good as the desktop version.

Pinterest also expects the mobile sector to increase further in the future and with a 50 percent user increase during 2013 it can be expected that 2014 will see these figures boom further with an increasing number of people choosing not to turn on the laptop or compute and to access their social media via their phone or tablet, especially in the evenings and during the weekends.

Not only is the exiting Pinterest market growing on mobile devices an ever growing number of Pinterest users are now coming to the site for the first time via mobile devices so it is essential that the site makes a good first impression for these new users who may never access the social media site via a desk top version.

The new mobile app version of Pinteest includes more useful pins and related pins while the redesign has also allowed for features such as the board page, recent boards and sign up flow to be updated.

In a blog post from Pinterest, software engineer Tracy Chou said: “As we launch in new countries around world, we want to make it easy for everyone to access Pinterest—no matter where you are or what device you’re using. That’s why we recently updated our mobile website.

“Now when you visit on mobile, you’ll see the latest version of Pinterest, with a cleaner design and the same features (like more useful pins and related pins) you’d get on the web or our mobile app.”

She concluded: “The iOS and Android apps are still the fastest way to access Pinterest, but if you don’t have the apps, the mobile site is a great alternative. Stay tuned for more mobile updates over the next few months!”

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