Pinterest – The Latest Tool In Your Social Media Plan

"Pinterest - The Latest Tool In Your Social Media Plan"If ever there was something on the internet which seems to be so simple and straightforward that you say to yourself, ‘Why didn’t I think of that’ it would have to be Pinterest. It is amazing how some of these things take off because most people would have thought Pinterest would have been one of these little novelty websites with a few hundred visitors at the most.

As it has turned out though, Pinterest has turned into something that is massive and as far as internet marketing goes, it is a social media website that you shouldn’t think twice about becoming involved with.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Pinterest, it is just like a massive online pin board which you can attach pictures etc, to which other people will find interesting. Whatever you put on there can be linked back to whatever it is you are promoting but as you might expect from some of the internet marketing community, they are trying to exploit it all in one way or another.

This is a great shame but for those of you who want to get involved and really make it work, just use it as you would with any other form of social media, don’t be on the take all of the time. If you try to exploit Pinterest by pinning up all sorts of rubbish it will be a complete waste of time. The chances are that your account will be deleted and the massive Pinterest benefits will be completely out of your reach.

I would strongly advise that you sign up and put internet marketing completely to the back of your mind whilst you are getting used to it all. Using it for SEO purposes can come later but join in with the community for now and you will soon pick it up. To be honest, I was quite surprised by how addictive it is but as I always say with another social media phenomenon, Facebook, when you get really into it don’t mix business with pleasure because the hours will simply fly by.

Just one other thing to mention, if you see any tools mentioned on the internet marketing forums which claim to show you how to spam Pinterest for your SEO benefits, you know exactly what to do don’t you, that’s right, ignore them!

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